Health and Safety Specialist

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Sunda Industrial Zambia

According to the requirements of overseas production safety accident management of the group, supervise and inspect the production safety operation status of its own factories and trading companies, identify potential safety hazards in the production process, and correct them in time; To guide safety officers and part-time safety officers to carry out work, organize regular safety meetings, coordinate and manage the on-site production safety of the Zambia branch, eliminate hidden dangers, improve the safety awareness of all staff, so as to reduce the production safety risks of the branch.

Reports to: Production Manager


Revise and supervise the implementation of safety management system

1. Under the leadership of the HSE manager, assist in revising various safety rules and regulations;

2. Follow up and promote the implementation of safety rules and regulations of safety officers, self-owned factories and trading companies

Factory, trading company’s safety management

1. Conscientiously implement the company’s safety policy, safety rules and regulations, and assist the company’s leaders develop the safety management job

2. To know and master the situation of safety production trends at all times, organize regular and irregular safety inspection, eliminate the hidden hazards and unsafe factors of accidents on time, and stop illegal operations

3. Supervise each workshop and team to finish the production task with safely operation

4. Responsible for coordinating with worksite, correct the problems and finish the task raised by the company’s leaders

5. Carry out the safety education and training for workers, and hold regular or irregular safety production learning meetings

6. According to the production activities of different period, find out the risk factors, put forward by means of safety education to prevent risk factors, and take corresponding safety technical measures and prevent accidents

7. Carefully study the unsafe factors in production site, propose improvement Suggestions and safety technical measures, and supervise and inspect the implementation


1. Other work tasks arranged by the dept manager

Ability: Have the ability to analyze and judge, plan ability, decision-making ability, innovation ability and organizational coordination, cross-language communication skills

Personality: rigorous and stable, adhere to principles, serious and responsible, confidential awareness, able to withstand higher work pressure.

Education: Bachelor degree or above, Safety management major is preferred

Years of work experience: More than2 years working experience or above

Industry experience: 2 years overseas experience in safety management

Related job experience: More than 1 year experience in HSE Supervisor positions

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