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Program A New Deal for Nature and People (ND4NP) Zambia
Title: Media Engagement  and Content Development Consultant
Period:  Initial 5 months (with possibility of an extension)
Location:  Lusaka

1. Background 

1.1 Information about the programme set up  

WWF Zambia has been operating in the country since 1962 and currently operates several nationwide programmes focusing on Fresh Water; Climate Change and Energy; Wildlife and Forestry among others through partnerships with both public (government) department and ministries, private sector and civil society layers alike.

WWF Zambia is implementing a New Deal for Nature and People (ND4NP) Project, in which we strongly believe climate, nature and sustainable development issues are closely interlinked and cannot be addressed in silos. To accelerate progress on achieving global goals set by world leaders in these areas, we need to make nature a top priority and forge an integrated approach to climate, nature and sustainable development.

We have before us an unparalleled opportunity as we head into 2020 − a critical year in a number of ways. The world will review its progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including the goals related to nature, and take the next important step with the Paris Agreement as countries enhance and improve their nationally determined contributions (NDCs). A new 10-year strategic plan for biodiversity under the UN Convention on Biological Diversity will be agreed. It is also proposed that 2020 will be the beginning of the decade of ecosystems restoration.

We need a global collective decision, a New Deal for Nature and People (ND4NP), post 2020 to bring together these as yet disconnected efforts. This should be reflected in a strong endorsement by Heads of State in 2020 that strengthens global targets and mechanisms to reverse the loss of nature and to protect and restore nature by 2030, in support of and underpinned by the SDGs and the Paris Agreement.

We must also capitalize on this unprecedented opportunity by substantially strengthening the UN Convention on Biodiversity (CBD) through:

  1. A new narrative that positions a healthy planet as indispensable for human development
  2. A post-2020 CBD framework equipped with fewer, ambitious, and measurable targets to mitigate the drivers of nature loss, and contribute more effectively to mitigating climate change
  3. National actions by all countries (Zambia included) to address the loss of nature which will, collectively, add up to delivering strengthened global targets.

In parallel, this will galvanize momentum so that urgent actions are taken by business, governments, youth, indigenous people and civil society that, together, will reverse the trend of nature loss.

A New Deal for Nature and People is needed. A deal that makes it socially, politically and economically unacceptable to sit back and watch the destruction of nature. A deal focused on tackling the underlying root causes of nature’s decline. A deal that not only stops the catastrophic loss of nature, but leads to a collective global programme of recovery. We need a New Deal for Nature and People to unite world leaders behind the biggest issue of our generation and catalyze a new movement that can and will save our planet.

The project objective is to influence high political decision-makers and the public to support the fight to stop the rapid loss of nature in Zambia. Aim of the campaign is to secure political targets from line ministers, cabinet and Heads of State on new deal proposal for Zambia to reverse nature loss.

The commitments by ministers and head of state must be made publicly in Zambia in support of a New Deal for Nature and People.

Campaign targets

  1. Policy makers;
  2.  Citizens and CSOs
  3. Traditional and business leaders

1.2 Purpose and direction of the project  

The purpose and expected outcome of the project is to mobilise public pressure to get the Head of State (HOS) and high level political actors to officially support the New Deal for Nature and People

2. Objectives, responsibilities and deliverables for consultancy


Objective 1:  Develop content such as campaign messages, articles, and guide development of creative materials that will influence public commitments on the national and international stage by the Head of State (HOS) and the Cabinet in support of adopting and implementing specific measures to realize the New Deal for Nature and People (ND4NP) in Zambia. WWF Zambia is seeking commitments on the following to advance a green economic recovery via the ND4PN campaign

  • Protection of freshwater sources and depleting natural fisheries
  • Development of and investment in innovative strategies for alternative sources of energy (renewable) to reduce overdependence on hydro generation.
  • Scaled-up investments in sustainable farming that protects nature and enhances climate change mitigation, adaptation, and healthy food and fiber production.
  • Investment in the restoration and protection of depleted forests and wildlife

Specific Responsibilities

Campaign message development and branding

  • Research and develop a compelling messages on what the new deal for people and nature in Zambia will mean
  • Support WWF Zambia team develop key main external campaign message and main tag line to unite the various new deal issues and to go on campaign branding kits
  • Provide advice and plan on effective campaign branding
  • Guide the develop of a creative video/ trailer/ spot advert to secure commitments to the new deal Zambia agenda by Zambian public and decision makers
  • Digital content – Design creative campaign materials for New Deal for Nature and People in Zambia and layout for WWF Zambia Website and social media channels in line with WWF standards
  • lead production of influencer PSAs

Campaign launch and events

  1. Create concept and run of show for effective launch of New Deal for Nature and People Campaign in Zambia/champions
  2. Prepare briefing documents and materials for launch
  3. Secure influencers to support and amplify new deal messages on their platform
  4. Lead the team prepare and organize the new deal Zambia launch event with the WWF Zambia team
  5. Lead and quality assure campaign timeline of events and other events after launch led by campaigner

Thought leadership on Green economy and nature

  • Develop and implement content plan for digital and non-digital platforms to support campaigns
  • Articles and blog series- research and prepare biweekly articles and blogs for CD and new deal champions
  • Secure placements of articles in local and international media such as daily mail, forbes africa, new African on new deal Zambia
  • Secure interviews for CD and ND4NP champions
  • Secure at least 6 speaking opportunities for CD – created and external to advance new deal agenda
  • Capitalize on WWF and non WWF events to advance new deal messaging and constituency building

Media relations and Partnerships

  • Plan and implement a content distribution plan with campaigner consistently and strategically
  • Secure placement for New deal content and create a media debate on dangers of nature loss for our economy and livelihoods and the dangers of inaction

– Secure partnerships with following for amplification and validation around key campaign moments

  1. Media houses to run series of new deal content targeting policy makers, business and public in
  2. Artists – implement outreach, relationship management prepare talking points for artists and influencers
  3. Private sector – implement outreach to business leaders and prepare talking points for them
  4. local community -secure placement on voices on impact of loss of nature from the field through field offices and partners.

Seek opportunities to enhance the reputation of the ND4NP brand, and coordinate publicity events as required.

Media monitoring against target audience

  • Monitor reach of every media output include impact on target audience
  • Maintain records media coverage and collate monthly analytics and metrics.
  • Monthly content development plan and results
  • liaise with WWF Zambia team on campaign coordinator on public mobilisation efforts – providing marketing content
  • support campaigner develop a public measurable public engagement strategy for CSOs and public to help set and reach campaign targets e.g petition

2.2. Deliverables

Against the above scope of work, the following deliverables are anticipated;

  1. New deal message development and locally relevant tag line completed and implemented advancing new deal/ green economy for Zambia
  2. A comprehensive New Deal for nature and People Project content and events strategy developed and implemented.
  3. Produce biweekly blogs
  4. Develop a local campaign voice platform on deforestation and the Magoye river
  5. Coordinate NDNP official launch event by October 30th, 2020
  6. 4 key public events held in promotion of the New Deal for Nature and People (ND4NP) by calling on improved prioritization from the Head of State and his government towards restoration of nature in Zambia
  7. A clear digital content plan for NDNP developed and implemented
  8. produce OP EDs bi-weekly and secure column in print and online media
  9. Comprehensive creative campaign message pack developed for the ND4NP campaign

3.0 Essential Skills and Competences:

  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass communications, social sciences, agriculture, or other discipline relating to public mobilization, advocacy, lobbying and brokering.
  • Five years or more relevant experience; including a strong technical negotiation background, experience of economic and political negotiation process influencing work, and people management experience.
  • content creation experience for campaigns
  • Influencing skills
  • A well rounded content development and events specialist with relevant past record of public mobilisation for advocacy.
  • Innovative and creative researcher with connections within government and line ministries and departments
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Works well under pressure and meets tight deadlines.
  • Highly computer literate with capability in email, MS Office and related business and communication tools.
  • Content writing experience for all media platforms and Meticulous attention to detail.
  • Proven public mobilisation and creative networking expertise.
  • Well-developed interpersonal and team skills and proven ability to be flexible in demanding solutions.
  • Management and negotiation skills in order to build and maintain relationships with senior government / non-government stakeholders

4.0 Expression of interest.

Interested individuals should submit a cover letter and detailed Curriculum Vitae to [email protected].

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Deadline for applications:   12th October, 2020