ToR – Consultancy to Develop Illustrated Materials in Hygiene and Safe Keeping in Response to COVID-19

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Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection




The Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR), a faith based organisation and a Ministry of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), was formed in 1988 to translate into action Christian principles and values in its quest to promote social justice in Zambia. It provides from a faith inspired perspective, a critical understanding of current social, political and economic issues and generates action to address them.

Key to its mission is the gathering and analysis of pertinent and topical data on issues, whose results are then employed in popular education and engagement with policy makers, service providers and other duty bearers on the identified issues.

In an attempt to realize its vision, JCTR among other things monitors the cost of living through its Basic Needs Basket (BNB), as well as the Satellite Home Survey (SHS) and uses the findings to advocate for improved wellbeing of Zambians. Since the early 1990s, JCTR has been monitoring the rising cost of living through a monthly price survey of a basket of essential food and non-food items.

The SHS is a tool to understand how people are living in high density areas. The BNB together with the SHS has enabled JCTR to advocate for social justice and social equity through real life evidence. In all this research and information dissemination, JCTR has also strived to influence agricultural policies in order to ensure food and nutrition security.

JCTR has partnered with Irish Aid and begun implementing a project that is aimed at complementing efforts of other partners to combat malnutrition by making information available on the affordability of nutritious foods. With the now Basic Needs and Nutrition Basket (BNNB) tool, it is hoped that this will aid consumers to understand the costs of a nutritious diet, whilst encouraging Government to put in place policies that address the affordability and availability of nutritious and diverse foods.

With the emergence of the Corona virus disease (COVID-19) and scientific evidence of a good immune system and hygiene in fighting the disease. Organisations such as the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognise that a robust and diverse food supply is an essential part of the health and nutrition response to COVID-19. WHO, together with partners, is providing nutrition and food safety guidance and advice during the COVID-19 pandemic for governments, food businesses, health workers and the general public, to maintain good health and prevent malnutrition in all its forms. In the same light JCTR/Irish Aid through the Nutritious Foods Availability and Affordability Promotion Project have realised the need to heighten knowledge on nutrition and promotion of hygiene and safety among the communities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • To develop illustrated and translated materials for A2 posters in a creative way that will enhance knowledge and promote hygiene and safety in response to the COVID-19 pandemic as stipulated by the WHO.

Specific Objectives

  • To develop creative messages (3) in English on hygiene precautions to the COVID-19 disease as guided by WHO
  • To develop creative messages (3) in English on safe keeping precautions to the COVID19 disease as guided by WHO
  • To translate the generated messages into (3) local languages Bemba, Lozi and Tonga.


The consulting artist will be expected to undertake the following tasks:

To develop:

I. 3 different A2 poster messages in English on good hygiene in the prevention of the COVID-19 disease as outlined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) using own generated, good resolution photographs.
II. 3 different A2 poster messages in English on safe keeping in the prevention of the COVID-19 disease as outlined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) using own generated, good resolution photographs.
III. Translate the 3 developed messages from English to Bemba, Lozi and Tonga.


  • The consultant will work under the supervision of the Social and Economic Development Programme Manager.
  • The consultancy is for a duration of seven (7) working days, to run through the period 7th to
    15th September 2020.
  • Submit to JCTR ready to print soft copies of the designed and translated A2 posters in full colour in English, Bemba, Lozi and Tonga.


The Consultant will need to demonstrate:

  • Experience in creative designing and proficiency in translation to the indicated languages
  • Understanding of the role of communication in sensitisation and advocacy
  • Demonstrated ability to produce high quality, creative designed materials and
  • Proven track record of previous designing of communication materials achievements with the Media, NGOs and Donor Agencies.


All expressions of interest should include:

1. Technical Proposal/Inception Report (1page max); brief profile about the consultant with particular emphasis on previous experience in this kind of work; the consultants understanding of the Terms of Reference and tasks to be accomplished etc.
2. Financial Proposal (1 page max): This should provide cost estimates for the consultancy (fees based on persons days for the assignment). Tax obligations should be included.


All expressions of interest should be addressed to:

The Executive Director
Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection
P.O. Box 37774

The deadline for submission of the expressions of interest is Tuesday 1st September, 2020 at 12:00hours. In view of COVID-19 health concerns, all expressions of interest should be submitted electronically to [email protected]

For further details contact us on (+260 211 290 410 or +260 955 290 410)

Important Note: Offers of employment or job openings with requests for payment or fees should be treated with extreme caution, viewed as potentially fraudulent and reported immediately.