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Village Water Zambia

End of Project Evaluation

Village Water Zambia is a local NGO which has been implementing an integrated Scaling Up Nutrition (ISUN) project funded by the European Union in 4 districts of Lusaka Province and seeks services of a consultant to undertake an end of project evaluation.
The aim of this evaluation is to assess and analyse the performance of the ISUN project which combines health, agriculture and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) to improve the nutritional status of women of child bearing age (15-49) and of children younger than 2 years.
The purpose of the evaluation is to understand progress so far towards achieving project objectives and outcomes and draw out lessons for how VWZ can be improved during the rest of its implementation for more positive impacts.

The evaluation report should provide conclusions and recommendations on the following questions:

  • Effectiveness: To which degree did the activities meet the objectives and results set out in the project (as outlined in the logical framework)?
  • Relevance: Was the project designed in a way that is relevant to reach its goals?
  • Efficiency: Was the project run in an efficient way?
  • Internal coherence: Were the result indicators and their means of verification adequate? What possible adjustments would the consultant recommend?
    Impact: Where there any unforeseen positive/negative effects of the activities?
  • Synergies: to which extent were synergies achieved with other activities implemented by other NGOs, as well as with local initiatives?
  • Identify lessons learned and provide recommendations

Overall evaluation approach and data collection methods proposed:

1. Preparation phase: Secondary data review, briefing with VWZ personnel at headquarter, writing an inception report for evaluation stating the sources of information, tools for collection. The methodological proposition of evaluation must allow a mutual understanding between the VWZ teams and the consultant, regarding the objectives, scope, time and expected results of the evaluation.
2. Field phase: Meeting key stakeholders, beneficiaries and other relevant people using individual questionnaire and Focus Group Discussions (FGD).
3. Analysis and debriefing phase: The results and preliminary conclusions will be presented to the VWZ teams and partners at field level. A debriefing at headquarter will be organized to discuss the results and the recommendations

Interested evaluators or firms are requested to submit:

  • An Expression of Interest detailing their interpretation of the TOR, proposed methodology including sampling framework, work schedule and proposed budget;
  • A capability statement demonstrating how they meet the required qualifications and competencies;
  • Copies of all relevant Curriculum Vitae (CVs). Only CVs for the specific individuals that will form the proposed evaluation team should be included.

Drop your Bids to the following Address: Village Water Zambia, Plot 8652A, Kudu road, Kabulonga, P.O. Box 30539, Lusaka, Zambia