Contract Manager

Wah Kong Enterprises limited

1. Education:
– Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Law, or a related field
– Master’s degree in Contract Management, Business Administration
2. Certifications:
– Certified Contract Manager (CCM)
– Certified Professional Contracts Manager (CPCM)
– National Contract Management Association (NCMA) certification
3. Skills:
– Strong understanding of contract law and regulations
– Excellent communication and negotiation skills
– Analytical and problem-solving skills
– Ability to manage multiple contracts and priorities
– Strong attention to detail and organizational skills
– Familiarity with contract management software and tools
4. Experience:
– Minimum 5 years of experience in contract management or negotiating, and managing contracts
– Familiarity with contract lifecycle management
5. Knowledge:
– Contract management principles and best practices
– Contract clauses and terms
– Risk management and mitigation strategies
– Compliance with relevant laws and regulations
6. Personal qualities:
– Strong work ethic and attention to detail
– Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
– Collaborative and team-oriented mindset
– Adaptability and flexibility in a fast-paced environment


1. Contract Administration:
– Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts
– Ensuring contractual compliance
– Managing contract changes and amendments
2. Risk Management:
– Identifying and assessing potential risks
– Developing mitigation strategies
– Ensuring adequate insurance coverage
3. Relationship Management:
– Building and maintaining relationships with clients, vendors, and stakeholders
– Communicating contractual requirements and expectations
4. Contract Performance Management:
– Monitoring contract performance
– Ensuring timely delivery and quality standards
– Managing contract disputes and resolutions
5. Financial Management:
– Managing contract budgets and finances
– Ensuring accurate invoicing and payment
6. Compliance and Governance:
– Ensuring contract compliance with laws, regulations, and company policies
– Maintaining contract records and documentation
7. Dispute Resolution:
– Managing and resolving contract disputes
– Negotiating settlements and agreements
8. Contract Close-out:
– Ensuring contract completion and closure
– Managing final payments and documentation

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