Development of the Information Management System for the Women Economic Empowerment Project

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Terms of Reference for Development of the Information Management System for the Women Economic Empowerment Project


We Effect is a Swedish development organisation with a Regional office in Southern Africa and country offices in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. It supports development powered by people who themselves live in poverty and works with local organisations. We Effect’s vision is a sustainable and just world free of poverty. To succeed, it has to start by changing the situation for the most vulnerable – women and girls, who constitute 70% of those living in poverty. To achieve gender equality, We Effect has global and regional strategies, whose main focus is Equality First and prescribes gender equality as the core of all We Effect work.

Project Background

We Effect Zambia and partners (Heifer International and Women for Change) with support from Sida through the Swedish Embassy in Zambia began implementing the Women Economic Empowerment (WEE) Project in December 2019. The project will end in July 2023. It is being implemented in eight districts namely Chipata, Lundazi and Chadiza in Eastern Province, Choma/Kalomo, Zimba/Kazungulu and Pemba/Monze/Gwembe in Southern Province, Kaoma/Nkeyema/Luampa in Western Province and Mumbwa in Central Province.

The overall objective of the project is to advance women’s economic empowerment to ensure the capacity of women to participate in, contribute to and benefit from agricultural value chains and processes in ways that affirm the value of their contributions, respect their dignity, promote equality in Eastern, Western, Southern and Central Provinces.

The project specific objectives are:

  • To increase women’s agency and decision-making power at household and community levels to address barriers to women’s economic empowerment.
  • To reduce institutional barriers that limit women’s economic advancement in agricultural value and market chains.
  • To strengthen women’s voice and collective power at community level to increase access to, control of and ownership of productive (e.g. physical assets, land) and financial assets among women through women-led cooperatives, land tenure and financial inclusion.

IMS Objectives

The Information Management System (IMS) Consultant will develop and launch the IMS for effective data management, analysis and reporting under the context of the WEE project objectives. The system needs to be structured intelligently and appropriately to ensure ease of data entry, quality management, access control, processing, visualization and reporting among consortium partner organizations.

Consultant Assignment:

The IMS should at least include the following main features:

– Centralised Template Management
– for uploading planning and reporting templates for access by systems owner (We Effect)


– Provide summarized dashboards with graphics highlighting the key performance indicators on trends and comparisons against defined indicators at various levels


– Should have validation rules, this way the system will conduct spot checks, evaluations and be able to gather accurate data on the indicators being tracked to produce quality reports

Offline access

– Must be possible to use offline with the possibility to download the forms and upload them when the system is online.

Monitoring and Evaluation

– Should provide for monitoring frameworks to link partner organizational activities to the organisational strategic objectives as well as tracking and monitoring progress on Key Performance Indicators.
– It should also provide for editing and sharing documents.

Geography Indicators Mapping (not necessarily a GIS system)

– Should be able to provide a perspective for partner organizations to locate/provide geo-mapped information of e.g farmer groups, associations etc


– Mist provide mechanism for ensuring effective internal coordination across partner organisations within the consortium through data sharing


– Produce IMS user manual/guide for suitability, efficient and effective use and maintenance of the IMS
– Allow for the future system upgrade and inclusion of features and datasets. Consultant to provide guidance/recommendation on system administration, security and updating features.

Consultancy Deliverables

1. Inception report:

  • The inception report shall include; timeline, detailing the format in which the assignment will be undertaken the Consultant is expected to submit an inception report and present to the WEE Project Consortium partners to facilitate feedback. The report should also contain a work plan which will outline the planned activities to be undertaken in realising the objectives of the assignment.

2. Develop the final web based IMS for the WEE project:

  • The Consultant will develop an Information Management System (IMS) with all features as outlined above including mapping features to pool data from the outlined field activities.

3. Draft Manual:

  • The Consultant will draft the manual which will help institutionalise. The manual will define the data management process and the statistical standards to be used by partners.

4. Report:

  • The consultant shall submit a report (soft and hard copy) outlining the experiences while undertaking the assignment. The report must indicate recommendations for capacity building for the lead implementors of the developed information management system.

5. Training:

  • Train key staff members of the WEE project and partner organizations on efficient and effective use of the IMS.

6. Provide a system back up plan

7. Warranty and post system support strategy to We Effect

Duration and Timing
The whole duration of the assignment will be for 30 days. The Consultant will be required to commence work by 15th February 2021 and complete the assignment by 15th March 2021.

Qualifications and Experience of the Consultant(s)

  • Degree in Information Systems or Database Management
  • Demonstrated experience in the development and implementation of management of information systems, with solid expertise in developing dashboard reporting systems (note that shortlisted applicants will be requested to provide prototype or MIS that they have developed)
  • Strong skills in analysis, critical thinking, problem solving and reporting
  • Ability to mentor, coach and provide professional development to others
  • Strong teamwork and team building skills
  • High standards of behavior and a commitment to high professional performance
  • Knowledge and experience in IMS and data base management.

Remuneration, logistics and duration of the contract

The developer will be paid according to the agreed invoice and terms. Workdays will be distributed between the date of contract signature and end date of the assignment.

Payment fees will be based on the delivery of outputs, as follows:

  • 30% upon signing of the contract
  • 40% upon approval of the designed software and training of staff on the system
  • 30% submission of the final product and delivery of output 1 & 2

The developer will work from their premises, using their own equipment.

Application Procedures

Applications consisting of:

  • A cover letter sumarising suitability and qualifications for this assignment;
  • List of relevant similar assignments or actual outputs from these assignments;
  • Technical and financial proposal with indicative work plan showing consultant’s planned approach to the assignment;
  • Company profile and compliance to the Laws of the Republic of Zambia, if registered as a company;
  • Any other support documents.

Documents indicating “WEE Project IMS” should be sent before close of business on 22nd January 2021 to [email protected] or physically submitted to:

The Country Representative.
We Effect Zambia,
Plot No. 93 Kudu Road Kabulonga,