Terms of Reference for Consultant to analyze research data for ‘Creating a Sustainable Future: Assessing Climate Change impacts on Food Systems and Adaptation Strategies in Zambia

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Terms of Reference for the Analysis of Research Data


Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Food Systems and Adaptation Strategies in Zambia.


1. Introduction 3

2. Objectives of the research 3

3. The scope of work for the consultant assignment 3

4. Time Frame 4

5. Deliverables 4

6. Key qualifications of the consultant 5

7. Content of consultant’s offer 5

8. Reference documents 5


The Women’s Life and Wellness Foundation (WLWF), Community Technology Development Trust Zambia (CTDT) and Zambia Alliance of Women (ZAW), in partnership with Akina Mama wa Afrika (AMwA) under the auspices of the Voices for Just Climate Action (VCA) Programme is undertaking a research to gather data on the impact of climate change on food systems and the effectiveness of existing adaptation strategies.

This research aims to investigate the impacts of climate change on food systems in Zambia, focusing on Kafue, Rufunsa and Luangwa districts. Understanding the impacts of climate change on food systems is crucial for developing effective mitigation and adaptation strategies

Objectives of the research

The objectives of the research include the following:

Identify and quantify key climate change threats affecting food systems in the targeted areas;
Analyze vulnerabilities and identify gaps in adaptation efforts and opportunities for improving strategies in the targeted areas; and
Document and evaluate the effectiveness of existing adaptation strategies utilized by stakeholders.

The scope of work for the assignment

The consortium requires a consultant to analyze the raw data and develop the report. This raw data will be collected from within the project areas in Kafue, Luangwa and Rufunsa. The Sample size shall be as follows WLWF – 200 in Kafue, CTDT – 150 in Rufunsa and ZAW – 240 translated from 144 in Luangwa and 96 in Rufunsa. The gender disaggregation ratio shall be 70:30 women and men respectively. The individual organizations through their Staff will administer questionnaires (data collection tool) to the target groups, district government and local authority leaders and other stakeholders and will hand over the data collected to the consultant who will conduct a data analysis and produce the report. The interviews will take the form of face to face for both Individuals, Key Informant Interviews and focus groups.

Time Frame

The following is the planned time frame for the consultant assignment:

Bid submission to conduct the assignment by 21st June 2024
Consortium completes field assessment and submit data to consultant by 21st June 2024
Consultant submits draft report by 27th June 2024
Consortium gives feedback by 29th July, 2024
Submit final report by 8th July 2024


Zero draft Report (Produced after data collection and Research is done);
Draft Report (Produced after effecting comments from Individual Organisations); and
Final Report (Produced after submitting Report to Akina Mama wa Afrika).


A social science degree or equivalent academic qualification in a relevant field;
A master’s degree will be an added advantage;
Previous experience in undertaking a report of an NGO similar to ZAW, WLWF and CTDT;
An understanding of Feminist Organisations and Participatory Approaches;
Experience in Climate Change  and Environmental sector ; and
Ability to deliver within specified and agreed timeframe.


Prospective Consultants will provide a technical proposal outlining proposed methodology and workplan. The deadline for the submission of the technical and financial proposal is Monday 7th June, 2024. The Technical and Financial Proposal should be accompanied by Credentials of the Consultant  should be submitted simultaneously to [email protected] , [email protected], [email protected]  Reference documents

Reference documents are available on request and may include the following:

The VCA project documents;
Research concept note; and
Narrative Reports.

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