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Yalelo is seeking highly energetic, and hard-working individuals in the following role:

  • Skipper (Siavonga x 5)

Role Summary

The Skipper is the primary boat operator, charged with steering the correct course, controlling the throttles and engine speed, and maneuvering the boat. The Skipper’s primary job is to deliver the Lake Operations teams, and their requirements; to and from the harbor efficiently. They are responsible for crew safety, which must be the prime concern. A Skipper will be expected to apply their boat skills when maneuvering the vessel they command. These skills include using ropes and chains, securing a vessel in rough weather, maintaining water tight integrity, lashing and securing equipment, and towing and being towed. They can be expected to work irregular hours, including shift work, and can be expected to remain on duty for long periods. Conditions on board may be uncomfortable and dangerous in rough weather.

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The Right-Fit candidates will have the following knowledge, skills and attributes:

a. Be in command, safely navigate and operate the boat at all times by properly steering the boat.
b. Knowledge of preventative and corrective maintenance of the boat.
c. Be able to respond to:

  • Hazards to life or property
  • Violations of law or regulations, including the Safety and conduct of passengers and crew; and
  • Discrepancies in aids to navigation

d. Honest and have integrity.
e. Demonstrate:

  • Understanding of engines and basic maintenance of boats
  • Knowledge of the boats limitations
  • Understanding of the principles of risk management and incorporate them into the decision-making process. These principles include detection, identification, evaluation, and mitigation or control risk as part of making decisions (e.g., slow to safe speed in restricted visibility, cast off a tow because the assisted vessel is losing stability).

f. First Aid.

The Essentials:

a. Must be licensed.
b. At least 2 years’ experience in operating boats.
c. Safety awareness. Must apply good judgment, intelligence, and initiative. They must make decisions with the safety of their crew and boat in mind.

This is a full-time position and the successful candidate must be available to work weekdays and weekends.

If you meet these requirements, Yalelo wants to hear from you today!!! Only email applications will be accepted. Email your application letter and your CV to [email protected] Please ensure that you mention as the source of this job advertisement.


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