Consultancy for the Review and Revision of Organizational Policies for the Zambia Alliance of Women (ZAW)

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Zambia Alliance of Women

1. Background

The Zambia Alliance of Women (ZAW) is a women led membership non-governmental, non profit making; non-partisan service women’s organization registered under Zambian Laws as  a Trust. It was established in 1978 with a commitment to meeting the aspirations set out in the  first global Women’s Conference in Mexico in 1975 which called for full gender equality and  the elimination of all forms of gender discrimination; the integration and full participation of  women in development and an increased contribution by women in the strengthening of world  peace and sustainable development. ZAW was founded to promote the themes of equality, development and peace in Zambia. It was registered under the Societies Act in March 1982  ZAW’s vision is “A Zambia in which women, children and men have an improved standard of  living as a minimum requirement for human dignity” and its mission is to empower women to  take charge of their lives through promotion of gender equity & equality, environmental  sustainability and social justice so that the right to a healthy life is enjoyed by the present and  future generations.”

To realize this vision, ZAW is supported by several cooperating partners, including OXFAM,  Akina Mama Wa Afrika (AMwA), Southern Africa Trust (SAT), Global fund for Women,  African Women Development Fund, NGOCC basket fund, International Alliance of Women,  Slow Food International, Leigh Day and We Effect. To ensure compliance, transparency, and  that ZAW meets the standards of an organization committed to financial integrity, employee  well-being, and sustainable impact, ZAW is dedicated to maintaining up-to-date policies and  practices.

2. Justification

From the Partner monitoring, evaluation, accountability and Learning process with  stakeholders, ZAW’s policies were noted as critically requiring update and revision, to meet organisational capacity needs. This action has set objectives and outcomes to be met within  specified timeframe. Having the right organisational policies is very critical to  accomplishment of the ZAW’s, goals and achieving organisational soundness. To ensuring its policies are up-to-date, effective, and aligned with its mission and vision, ZAW seeks a qualified and experienced consultant to review and revise its existing organisational policies.

3. Objectives

• Conduct a comprehensive review of ZAW’s current organisational policies by fostering a participatory process with the involvement of ZAW key stakeholders in the review and revision process.

• Identify gaps, inconsistencies, and outdated information in existing policies in comparison with legally compliant like-minded organisations and recommend revisions to existing policies to ensure they are clear, concise, and enforceable.

• Develop new policies, to address any identified gaps, ensuring all policies are compliant with Zambian laws and regulations.

4. Scope of Work

The consultant will be responsible for the following tasks:

• Review:

o Review all existing ZAW organisational policies (Human Resources, Finance and Administration, Procurement, Assets disposal, Gender, Transport, Sexual harassment and Safeguarding policies)

o Analyze policies for clarity, consistency, and alignment with ZAW’s mission, vision, and values.

o Identify any gaps or inconsistencies in existing policies.

o Assess compliance of policies with relevant Zambian laws and regulations. • Revision of old and Development of new policies:

o Develop clear and concise recommendations for revising existing policies. o Draft new policies to address any identified gaps.

o Ensure all policies are written in plain language that is easily understood by all ZAW stakeholders.

• Stakeholder Engagement:

o Develop a participatory approach to involving relevant ZAW stakeholders in the review and revision process.

o Conduct desk review, virtual and physical consultations with staff, board members, and other stakeholders to gather feedback on existing policies.

o Present recommendations and draft revised policies to stakeholders for review and feedback.

• Finalization:

o Finalize revised policies based on stakeholder feedback.

o Facilitate the develop a training plan for ZAW staff on the revised policies by ZAW.

o Submit a final report that documents the review process, findings and recommendations,

o Revise and develop required policies.

5. Deliverables

• Inception report outlining the consultant’s approach and methodology.

• Comprehensive review report identifying gaps, inconsistencies, and recommendations for revision.

• Revised and/or new organisational policies.

• Training plan for ZAW staff on the revised policies.

• Final report documenting the review process, findings, recommendations, and revised policies.

6. Consultant Qualifications

• A degree in Human Resource Management or any other relevant field. • A master’s degree in relevant field will be an added advantage.

• Proven experience in reviewing and revising organisational policies for non-profit organizations.

• Strong understanding of Zambian labour laws and regulations.

• Excellent writing, editing, and communication skills.

• Experience in conducting consultations and facilitating stakeholder engagement processes.

• Ability to work independently and meet deadlines effectively.

• Demonstrated experience working with women’s organizations is a strong asset.

7. Timeline

The inception, review and revision processes are expected to be completed in 17 days,  staggered within 40 days (The Inception and Review will be conducted within 7 days, the  desk review, consultation and report writing by consultant will be conducted within 10 days

8. Selection Process

A selection committee will be established to review proposals and shortlist qualified consultants. Shortlisted consultants will be invited for an interview. The selection committee will select the consultant who best meets ZAW’s requirements.

9. Confidentiality

The consultant will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to commencing work.

10. Reporting

The Baseline Report shall be produced in English and submitted as printed and electronic  copy to ZAW. The Consultant will report to the Executive Director of ZAW.

11. Submission

Prospective Consultants will provide a technical proposal outlining proposed methodology and workplan. The deadline for the submission of the technical and financial proposal is Monday 24th June 2024. The Technical and Financial Proposal should be accompanied by Credentials of the Consultant and should be submitted to the Executive Director of Zambia Alliance of Women (ZAW) via email to [email protected] and copied to [email protected] .

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