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The COVID-19 pandemic is now beyond the public health issue. It is having negative effects on the economic activities and labour markets at all levels of national economies. The universal adoption of social distancing, partial and full socio-economic activities lockdown have affected the delivery of services across all socio-economic sectors. This has not spared employers’ organisation. Zambia Federation of Employers (ZFE) as one of the affected employers’ organisation has seen the need to adapt its service provision in view of the reduced face-to-face interactions and with many of its members either working from home or having significantly scaled-down operations.

To adapt service provision in the new environment will require ZFE to maximize the capacity of its IT Infrastructure to better facilitate the delivery of services through robust digital platforms. ZFE would also need to revamp its website so that it serves as a rich online resource for members and non-members to access information that is vital for their operations. Lastly, ZFE would like to enhance its ability to interact with and facilitate training to members and other stakeholders in order to boost its revenue generation streams as well as capture membership from the informal economy.

The overall objective is to ensure that ZFE remains relevant to its membership, attract more members from the informal economy and beyond, has increased visibility and can generate the much-needed revenue during these trying times when subscriptions are expected to dwindle drastically. ZFE, therefore, seeks the services of an expert who can work with the Secretariat to assist the organisation to traverse the current situation, mobilize membership from the informal economy while remaining true to its mandate.


The specific tasks to be undertaken are as follows:

1. Design, develop, test and launch a new ZFE website: The process should ensure that the existing site, it’s content and functionality is secured during the transition to the new site. The new website should be optimized to allow ease of access for low bandwidth users from both formal and informal economy. Features of the new website should incorporate:

i. A mock-up of the website with the following:

  • ZFE custom landing page and all other linked pages.
  • Refined website content and layout of an optimized Content Management System (CMS).
  • A news feed on the Home Page that accommodates text, videos, and picture responsive content.
  • An appended find us and interactive google map on the website.
  • A membership login system with user profiles.
  • Integrated ZFE social media platforms with the website.
  • The layout of the ZFE membership directory page that will be populated by ZFE staff.
  • A live-chat system.
  • An interface for ZFE social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and Mail Chimp).

ii. Provide photography services for website pictures.
iii. Host the website on the ZFE.
iv. Provide a crash course of ZFE staff on the website maintenance.
v. Provide support service on website maintenance for six months.
(Project completion timeline – 30days)

2. Provide capacity for Digital Marketing and Content Marketing. This should cover areas that would develop the capacity for the ZFE Marketing & Communications staff to:

i. Develop the ZFE Marketing and Communications strategy with guidelines for advocacy and marketing integration for valuable information to ZFE communicated to potential (including informal economy), current members and relevant stakeholders.
ii. Demonstrate the process of developing content and optimising it for publication on the traditional and digital platforms.
iii. Develop the skill of communication of statements in a balanced manner to appeal to all relevant stakeholders who may be impacted by the contents of the statement.
iv. Support the management of ZFE optimised online platforms for a period of not less than 30 days
(Project completion – 15 days to run concurrently with website development)

3. Develop a fully-fledged E-learning Portal that allows for the following activities

i. Online Admission.
ii. Reporting.
iii. Live Assessments & Live Feedback
iv. Learner Information Manager
v. Content: Video, PDF, Images
vi. Responsive enables Mobile E-learning
vii. Full integration with Social Media platforms and online Communities and Social engagement
viii. Enable asynchronous (self-paced courses)
(Project completion – 15 days, running concurrently with project 1 and 2 where possible)

4. Maintain and support the ZFE website for a period of 6 months

Key Personnel, Qualifications and Experience

The Consultant(s) for this assignment should have:

  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in the ICT-based applications, and services related to the assignment.
  • Experience in designing and hosting online applications
  • Experience with website design and management

Submission of proposal:

Consultants must submit the following to demonstrate their interest in the consultancy:

a. Detailed technical and financial proposal
b. Proposals should be emailed to [email protected] or [email protected] and copy to [email protected] by 12th September 2020.

Important Note: Offers of employment or job openings with requests for payment or fees should be treated with extreme caution, viewed as potentially fraudulent and reported immediately.