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Lusaka Province


1. Plot Size is 30 x 50m

2. Location is: https://maps.app.goo.gl/KdRuA8v4ZpZhu6Yh7?g_st=ic

3. The proposed structure size is 25 x 12m with around 4.7 m highest point.

  • Training center with at least 3 training rooms/auditoriums, at least 2 offices, a reception area, and convenience rooms Tiled Concrete polished floor for the entire floor plan.
  • 5x8m open space (Shed space)
  • The building should be built so that there is a possibility for additional floors/levels to be added to the structure in the future.
  • There is a need to connect the building to municipal water, sewer, and electricity. There will also be need for a water tank to mitigate the limited or intermittent water supply in the area. Septic tank provisions may be made where it won’t be possible for a public sewer connection.
  • There should be inside lighting and outside for security.

4. The planned structure should have some space for at least a single role parking space while maximizing space for the main building.

5. The structure should be designed to incorporate steel portal frames from the sides up to the ring beam plus other requirements to enable future expansion of floors upwards.

6. The training rooms/auditoriums should have temporal separation between them which can be adjusted to increase the floor area for each auditorium.

7. The design to include Wall fence and paving all around.

Bid Document for Zambia Red Cross Society

Construction of A training Centre

In Lusaka, Lusaka Province.


Tender #:  ZRCS/MOFA/TC/2024

Office: Zambia Red Cross Society

Deadline for Submission:  2nd April 2024 – 14:00hrs

Proposed Tender Opening Date:  2nd April 2024   – 14:30hrs

Biding documents can be accessed on the link here.

Zambia Red Cross Society (ZRCS) with the financial support of the Netherlands Red Cross, under the Financial Sustainability (MOFA) Project requests for Bids from reputable vendors for the construction of a Training Center in Lusaka.

1. 1 Original and 2 duplicate copies of BID OFFER shall be produced by the Bidder and put in separate envelopes marked as ORIGINAL and COPY. These should also include the financial proposal.

2. The selection criteria will be Technical and Financial

I. TECHNICAL CRITERIA (Minimum requirement) will be carried out based on the following:

a. Experience – Bidder shall attach previous works performance letters from NGOs, Government Departments and Other Organisation in similar type of work.

b. Attach Evidence of completed works

II. FINANCIAL CRITERIA will be carried out based on price of the offer.

3. The bid will be opened at ZRCS Office Headquarters, in the presence of bidders and/or their representatives who choose to attend on proposed opening date.

4. ZRCS reserves the right to accept or reject the bid partially or fully.



1. General: ZRCS, from here on referred to as the Client, is planning to undertake works detailed herein and hereby requests for reputable bidders to submit sealed bids for the construction of Training Center construction. The specifications, BOQ, Drawings well as a site plan herein for your reference.

1 Detailed designs and BOQ for Construction of a Training Center

2. The bidder should fill in the price/rates in the Bill of quantities and write the Subtotal and Summary total as provided for herein. The Bidder shall provide the costing of construction on the BOQ according to the Designs provided.

3. The filled Bill of Quantities submitted by the Bidder must match with designs provided

4. In the event of errors, if a mistake happens during the total prices in the Bill of Quantities submitted by the Bidder during sub-total cost checked. The unit prices shall prevail and the sub sum costs and total price shall be recalculated accordingly.

5. ZRCS reserves the right to change the unit quantities in the Bill of Quantities and the design, after bid selection is completed, without a change in unit prices. Such a change may include the removal of an item from the Bill of Quantities reduce or addition of 20% of services. In the case of an increase in the quantity of the Works, ZRCS may, at its sole discretion, allow a proportionate extension of time.


6. The Bidder shall be domiciled and licensed to do such jobs in Zambia as specified in the tender and shall furnish a copy of its valid license, are acceptable for the current fiscal Zambian year. The Bidder shall not be under a declaration of ineligibility for corrupt or fraudulent practices

Submission of Bids

7. The Bidder shall prepare an original and two copies, clearly marking each “ORIGINAL” and “COPY” as appropriate. In an event of any discrepancy between them, the original shall prevail.

8. The original and copy or copies of the bid shall be typed or written in indelible ink and shall be signed by the Bidder or a person or persons duly authorized to bind the Bidder to the contract.

9. Any interlineations, erasures should be avoided during rate filling by the bidder, or overwriting shall be valid only if they are initiated by the person or persons signing the bid.

10. The Bidder is required to initiate and sign each page of the tender documents. Any Appendices to the tender must also be signed by the Bidder. Failure to complete and sign any of these forms may invalidate the bid.

11. Bids shall remain valid for 30 calendar days after the date of bid opening prescribed by ZRCS. A bid valid for a shorter period may be rejected by ZRCS as non-responsive.

12. The Bid shall contain a letter to accompany the bid contents, which are organized in the following way:

Documents to accompany the Bid

  • A Signed Bid Declaration
  • Company Profile
  • Registration with relevant institutions, Certificate from Pacra, NCC, EIZ
  • Evidence of similar past or completed works in the last three years.
  • Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Latest Three Months Bank Statements
  • Technical Proposal as per the specifications/plan/drawings provided.
  • Financial Proposal to include schedule of payment and completed BOQ
  • Qualifications for Key Personnel
  • A Clear Work Schedule
  • List of Equipment that will be mobilized

Clarification of the Bid

13. A prospective Bidder requiring any clarification of the Bidding documents may notify ZRCS in writing to email address below:

[email protected] . ZRCS will respond in writing to any request for clarification of the bidding documents that it receives no later than 3 days prior to the deadline for the submission of bids prescribed by it. Written copies of ZRCS’ response (including an explanation of the query but without identifying the source of inquiry) will be sent to all prospective Bidders, which have received the bidding documents.

Bid Prices

14. The total Contract price submitted by the Bidder shall include all taxes.

Preparation of the Bid

15. It is essential that the prospective BIDDERS are familiar with the general area where the WORKS as a result of this, a sketch has been provided and Site Visit shall be mandatory.

The advance payment shall NOT in any way be related to commencement date. Advance payment shall be effected to the CONTRACTOR by ZRCS upon receipt of advance payment request according to the relevant conditions of the Contract.

Sealing and Marking of Bids

16. The Bidder shall seal the clearly marked envelopes with the following subject title: TENDER #  ZRCS/MOFA/TC/2024, Tender details/Name;

Closing date and time (as stated) and deliver it in person to ZRCS at the following address: ZRCS, HEADQUARTERS , Along Los Angeles Boulevard Road. Please ensure to sign in the tender register once your Bid has been submitted.

17.  Deadline for submission of Bids is 2nd April 2024 at 14:00hrs.

Opening of Bids

18. Bids will be opened in the presence of Bidders or their representatives who choose to attend at 14:30hrs on 2nd April 2024.

19. No Bidder shall contact ZRCS on any matter relating to its bid, from the time of the bid opening to the time the Contract is awarded.

Award of Contract

20. ZRCS will award the Contract to the successful Bidder whose bid has been determined to be substantially responsive and has been determined as the most Competitive and advantageous evaluated bid for ZRCS considering both Technical and Financial Criteria.

21. Prior to the expiration of the period of bid validity, ZRCS will notify the successful bidder in writing by letter or email that his bid has been accepted. The notification of award will constitute the formation of the Contract.

22. ZRCS will also notify unsuccessful bidders immediately the successful bidder signs the contract.

23. ZRCS will issue the Contract to the cumulative technically and financially qualified Bidder. ZRCS reserves the right to accept or reject any Bid, to annul the solicitation process and reject all Bids at any time prior to award of Contract, without thereby incurring any liability to the affected Bidder(s) or any obligation to provide information on the grounds for the purchaser’s action.

24 The biding documents can be accessed here.

To apply for this job please visit www.redcross.org.zm.

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