Jobs Challenge Zambia Report

The latest edition of the Zambia Economic Brief has just been released. Entitled “Jobs Challenge: Realities on the Ground” the latest Zambia Economic Brief is part of a series of short economic updates produced twice a year by the World Bank. It is hoped that the findings in the Brief will generate a healthy debate in the country on policies and interventions needed to meet Zambia’s job challenge.

Some key features of the report include:

  • Zambia’s population and labour force is young and growing fast. The population is projected to almost double by 2030 (the population was slightly more than 13 million in 2010) and hit 140 million by 2100. In 2010 about 130,000 young added were to the labour force; in 2030 about 300,000 are projected to be added.
  • The current structure of the economy and sources of growth are such that formal wage jobs are being created slowly. This pace is nowhere close to being able to absorb the new cohorts of youth that are entering the labor market.
  • Medium-term prospects for Zambia’s economic growth remain good but are subject to evenly balanced risks emanating from global uncertainties and macroeconomic management.
  • Many youths perceive the allocation of jobs to be unfair, based on gender, nepotism, and connections rather than merit.
  • Opportunities for skills development for youth, particularly for girls, are unequal.
  • Zambia’s student performance has not improved over time, even declining slightly compared to other countries
  • Creating formal jobs in the private sector is accorded top priority in government policy and strategy documents and this is a sound approach.
  • Light manufacturing (including agribusiness) has been an important stepping stone toward economic diversification in most economically successful developing countries.

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To download the full (1MB)  Zambia Economic Brief from the World Bank visit:  Jobs Challenge: Realities on the Ground


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