Where are all the jobs in Zambia?

Ever wondered where all the jobs are in Zambia?

Check out our recent analysis regarding the profession and sector of jobs advertised on www.gozambiajobs.com – Zambia’s #1 job site.

Worth a discussion?

What do you think of the above information?

  • Is this information representative of the wider jobs market in Zambia?
  • Does this information provide any useful clues to students and those looking to study?
  • Are you surprised that a particular sector is over or underestimated?
  • Which sectors to you think will develop (or decline) in the next 10 years?

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3 thoughts on “Where are all the jobs in Zambia?”

  1. Thank you for this article to which I agree with. I have a BBA and MBA . With 14years of experience in management and customer services. It appears the job Market for this sector is not available. The other factor is that most organisations still do not advertise job placements or advertise internally. It is certainly food for thought.

      • What is the solution to this problem? Does this require government involvement? Is it something that universities need to consider as part of the courses that they offer?

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