Live Employment Q&A

Join our live online Q&A at 12.15pm (CAT) on Wednesday 29th November 2017 to discuss ways to find employment in Zambia and to answer your career questions.

Finding employment can be an extremely difficult process in Zambia. In this live job seeking Q&A (Questions and Answers) session we will discuss methods that can help you to improve your job seeking technique and find employment.

We also want you to share your experiences of looking for employment in Zambia. What challenges are you facing? How can these challenges be overcome?

You can join our live online discussion on this page between 12.15pm and 14.15pm on Wednesaday 29th November 2017.

Why not post your thoughts in the comments section below now and then join us live for the discussion?

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  1. Interested! I have obtained completion of IT essential but i haven’t obtained awarded qualication Compita A+ due to unpaid exams. How do I put it on CV? Your response would be appreciated.


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