Live Employment Q&A

Live Employment Q&A: How can you improve your job seeking technique?

Join our live Q&A at 12.15pm on Monday 4th November to discuss ways to find employment.

Finding employment can be an extremely difficult process. In the first of our live job seeking Q&As (Questions and Answers) we want to discuss methods that can help you to improve your job seeking technique and find employment.

We also want to hear your experiences of looking for employment in Zambia.

You can join our live discussion between 12.15pm and 13.15pm on Monday 4th November. Why not post your thoughts in the comments section below anytime and then join us live for the discussion?

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20 thoughts on “Live Employment Q&A”

  1. First of all I would like to thank tjis website for such a wonderful job they are doing by posting whatever job adds they come across, thumbs up
    Secondly I support Mr. Nicholas Phiri with his comment. I have followed go zambia jobs website since 3rd quarter 2012 and until today 31/10/13 has received only 1 response to the applications I made and this was only to say my details shall be retained for future reference. Now surely with my current qualifications, I don’t believe I can legitimately fail over 100 applications even to a short listing stage and this is why I support the comment. please continue informing us of latest jobs and we shall dully support you.

    • Hi Wizaso. Thank you for your kind comments. Can you supply a little more information on how you are applying for jobs? Remember that it is vital to adapt each application to the specific requirements of the role. Your application may be scored on the basis of certain criteria stipulated by the employer. The job advert will usually detail what the employer is looking for so try to adapt your CV to meet the specific requirements off the role as stipulated in the job description. This will help you to receive the best score possible and hopefully make it through to the interview stage.

  2. Corruption is what’s getting people jobs these days. If you’re lucky enough to have a relative in the company then you are very lucky.

    • Hi Kessinah. Good question. The most important thing is to always adapt your application for each tole that you want to be considered for. The reason being is that skills and experience that may be relevant for one role may not be relevant to another. You should therefore always try to ensure that you read the job description thoroughly and adapt your CV to meet the requirements set out in the description.

  3. Jobs in Zambia its a question of who you know and how much do you have in a pocket. Education is not of prime importance due to the magnitude of corruption.The worst of all in the mining sector especially to the north western part of the country the chiefs have now become the Employment officers creating the database and controlling the higher authorities and promoting Tribalism.The government has done nothing about it but claiming to be the largest public employing organisation. Jobs are advertised but applicants are not invited for interviews instead those who are just at home are the ones found to be the right job holders.In conclusion everything is done for formality at the expense of job seekers.


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