Looking to recruit in Zambia?

Looking to recruit in Zambia?

In this article we explore 5 common recruitment mistakes with the aim of helping you to improve your recruitment process and the overall performance of your organisation. This article is especially useful for human resource professionals and for anyone who makes recruitment decisions.

1. Lack of understanding of the role

Understanding the role is one the most important parts of the recruitment process. If you do not fully understand the role then it will be extremely difficult for you to hire the most suitable candidate. At the start of the recruitment process you need to have a clear understanding of the role as well as the qualifications, skills and experience required. Get this wrong and you will be off to a bad start.

2. Poor quality job advertisements

Poor quality job advertisements can result in a failure to find and attract the most suitable candidates. They can also increase the amount of time you spending reviewing unsuitable applications and dealing with applicants who are not right for the role. Spending a little time developing an effective job advertisement can reap rewards throughout the recruitment process.

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3. Not setting a realistic application deadline

If you want to attract the best candidates you have to set a realistic application deadline. There is little point in setting an application deadline 1 or 2 days after the date of the advert posting. The ideal candidate might not be searching for jobs everyday and may need time to find the job advert. They will also need a little time to produce a well-thought out application.

4. Failing to advertise jobs properly

Traditional newspaper job adverts are no longer the only way to place job advertisements. As well as increased costs, newspaper adverts fail to give employers the ability to publish and edit job adverts whenever they want. Using an online site such as www.gozambiajobs.com gives employers more control over over the recruitment process. It also gives applicants a greater ability to search and apply for jobs resulting in more suitable applications.

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5. Employing the most friendly candidate

A common recruitment mistake is to employ the most friendly candidate or the candidate who you get on with the best during the interview. The purpose of the recruitment process is to find the best candidate for the job NOT the one you get on with best. Would you prefer to have best doctor operating on you or would you rather have a less skilled doctor who you like more?

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