Motivational Quote No.66

What do you think is possible?

This week we feature an inspiring quote from a world famous author who shares her views on what is possible.

"Anything is possible if you have neough nerve." J K Rowling

Who is J K Rowling?

J K Rowling is best know as the author of the successful Harry Potter series of books. Rowling has led an extraordinary life. Just seven years after graduating from university, Rowling though of herself as a failure. Her marriage had broken down and she was jobless with a dependent child. During this period she was diagnosed with clinical depression and even contemplated suicide. Rowling did not give up and went on to write the successful Harry Potter series of books, selling estimated 450 million books worldwide. The books were also turned into hugely successful movies. As a result, Rowling has earned an estimated$1 billion and has been able to give over $100 million to charity.

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