Motivational Quote No.94

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This week we feature another inspiring quote from American educator and life rights leader, Mary McLeod Bethune.

"We have a powerful potential in our youth, and we must have courage to change old ideas and practices so that we may direct their power toward good ends. " Mary Macleod Bethune

Who was Mary McLeod Bethune?

Mary McLeod Bethune was born in 1875 in South Carolina, USA. Her parents had been slaves and she started working in fields with her family at age five. Bethune took an early interest in becoming educated. She subsequently went on to start a school for African-American girls in Florida, USA. In 1935 Bethune founded the National Council of Negro Women in New York City, bringing together representatives of 28 different organizations to work to improve the lives of black women and their communities. Bethune’s determination also helped national officials recognize the need to improve employment for black youth in the United States.

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