Northrise University – January 2018 Intake


Apply Today – January 2018 Intake

DAY (Fulltime) – CPS (Evening) – DEL (Distance e-Learning)

Up to 75% Financial Aid on Offer

  • Application Deadline DAY (Fulltime Studies) 12th January, 2078
  • CPS (Evening Studies) 9th January, 2018
  • DEL (Distance e-Learning) 12th January, 2078

Entry Requirements


  • G 12 Certificate with credits or better in a minimum of 5 subjects including English and Mathematics


  • A degree from an accredited university with 2 years work experience


Foundation (DAY Only)

  • GAP Semester—Tailoredfor new school leavers
  • A-Levels in Arts Arts foundation courses
  • A-Level in Science— (Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, & Biology)

Diploma (Distance e-Learning Only)

  • DipTM—Diploma in Teaching Methodology

Undergraduate (DAV, cps, DEL)

  • BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration
  • BFA – BacheIor QfFinance and Accounting
  • BPM – Bache/or efPreject Management (CPS Only)
  • BTH – Bache/or of Theology (CPS only)
  • LLB – Bache/or of Laws (DAY Only)
  • BSc (CS) – Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (DAY Only)
  • BIT (WSD) – Information Technology in Web Software Development

Postgraduate (CPS & Distance Only)

  • EMBA – Executive Master of Business Administration

To Apply:

  1. Use the Online Application Form
  2. Request an App. Form via email
  3. Download an App. Form from our website
  4. Visit the Main Campus

Application Fees:

  • Undergraduate: K 120.00
  • Postgraduate: K220.00

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0976 622 196
Main Campus: Plot # 30029 Kitwe-Ndola Highway, Ndola

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