Public Relations

What is Public Relations?

Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public. PR professionals are therefore present in all manner of organisations.


  • Public Relations Officer
  • PR Account Manager
  • Public Relations Director

What skills do you need to work in public relations?

  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
  • Creative and enthusiastic
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Attention to detail
  • Understanding of IT and social media

Where do PR professionals work?

Public relation (PR) professional’s work across all sectors. PR professional are required by the following types of organisation:

  • Government
  • Finance
  • Advertising
  • Telecoms

Typical work activities

  • Creating and planning PR campaigns
  • Writing and editing PR communications
  • Working with clients to design marketing strategies

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