What is Radiography?

Radiographers are health care professionals responsible for acquiring images for patient diagnosis. Radiographers are crucial for the fast, accurate diagnosis and treatment of trauma, disease and cancer.


  • Radiographer
  • Radiographer Assistant
  • Imaging Support Worker
  • Diagnostic Radiographer
  • Therapeutic Radiographer

What skills do you need to work as a radiographer?

  • Scientific knowledge and interest in biology, anatomy and physiology
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Good interpersonal skills to communicate with other healthcare professionals
  • Ability to work with technology
  • Decision making skills

Where do radiographers work?

Radiographers usually work in hospitals and independent and private health care centres. Radiographers can also work within in research establishments, industry and veterinary practice.

Typical work activities

  • Acquiring images for diagnosis
  • Researching and analysing techniques
  • Educating and mentoring other radiographers

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