Should you apply for jobs when you do not meet the required level of experience?

In this exclusive article from Go Zambia Jobs we explore whether you should apply for jobs if you do meet the required level of experience.

A key point to remember when applying for jobs is that most job adverts contains lots of different requirements – one of which might be the number of years of work experience you have.

If you look at the job adverts at you will see that there can be anywhere from 1 to 50 requirements. Requirements can include:

  1. Skill requirements such as IT, communication, time-management, research and analysis etc;
  2. Academic requirements such as grade 12 school certificate, diploma, degree and/or professional qualifications etc;
  3. Knowledge requirements such as knowledge of a particular subject, industry, function, task, environment etc;
  4. Experience requirements such as the number of years experience in a particular job, sector or level.

In the list of example requirements above we have listed 15 requirements in 4 categories – only 3 of which relate to experience. Many job adverts will go into much greater detail so there will be many more requirements than this. The key then is to ensure that your application clearly demonstrates how you meet as many of the requirements as possible. The more requirements you meet and demonstrate the greater your chances of success.

For example, if there are 50 requirements for a job and the only one you miss is the requirement to have a bit more experience then you will still have met the other 49 requirements. This could still put you in a strong position to be called for an interview even though you do not meet the other requirements. However, if you only meet 1 requirement out of 50 then you may be better focusing your time and energy on applying for the jobs were you meet more of the of the requirements.

We always suggest writing out and numbering all of the requirements stipulated in the job advertisement. You can then match your skills, knowledge and experience so that you can see how many of the requirements you meet and how strong your application could be.

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