How to submit job applications via email

Increasingly employers in Zambia are requesting that candidates apply for jobs via email.

In this exclusive careers article we outline what you need to know in order to submit amazing job applications via email.

How to Submit Job Applications via Email

1. The Job Advertisement

When you are using email to apply for jobs it is important that your email is professional as they would be if you were submitting an application via post or by hand. As with any application the first thing you should to do is carefully examine the job advertisement for guidance on what is required:

  • What information do you need to send?
  • What information are you asked not to send?

Make a list of the requirements and ensure that you meet them.

2. The Email

Unless otherwise specified in the job advertisement you should attach your CV and/or Covering Letter with a short email. The key features of your email are as follows:

a) Email Address

Who should your application be addressed?  Ensure that you include all the email addresses that you are asked to as specified in the job advertisement.

b) Subject Line

The Subject Line is one of the most important parts of the email message that you send when applying for a job. The Subject Line should clearly show the recipient which job you are applying for. Unless otherwise specified in the job advertisement the Subject Line should be as follows:

Job Application – {Insert Job Title PLUS any Job Reference}

c) Email Content

Unless otherwise specified in the job advertisement the content of your email should briefly outline the role you are applying for, the information you are attaching and your contact details. An example email could be as follows:

Dear {Recipient Name or Sir/Madam},

Please find attached my CV and Covering Letter for the role of {Insert Job Title} as advertised on

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

{Your Name}

{Telephone Number}
{Email Address}

As with any communication with a prospective employer you should ensure that your email is professionally presented. This means ensuring a neat layout and consistent styling and fonts.

3. Your Attachments

Most email applications will require you to attach your Curriculum Vitae (often referred to as your CV or resume) and/or a Cover Letter outlining how you meet the requirements stipulated in the job advertisement. Usually this information will be sent in Microsoft Word or PDF format. For more information on CVs and Cover Letters, and to find examples, visit:

Remember that it is not always necessary to attach academic certificates, photographs or other information – UNLESS specified in the job advertisement. You should only ever ensure that you only submit the information requested by the employer. You should also try to ensure that the total file size of your attachments does not exceed 2MB as this can result in your email being blocked.

4. Pre-Submission Test 

Once you have written your CV, Cover Letter and email (or any other form of application as stipulated in the job advertisement) you should test your application by emailing a copy to yourself. This gives you one final opportunity to check your email for any spelling, grammatical or styling errors e.g. font size, font type, font colours. You can use this to test that all the attachments come through and that your email message is perfect. Finally, check that your application follows the instructions stipulated in the job advertisement.

5. Final Submission

Now that you have tested your application it is time to send your application. Remember to send a copy of the message to yourself as well as to the company so you have a copy for your records. You can do this by adding your email address to in the Bcc box.

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