5 Tips for video or phone interview

Sometimes an employer or recruiter will request that you have a video or telephone interview. Video or telephone interviews can be added as an additional interview stage before the face-to-face interview OR may be offered instead of a face-to-face interview.

In the latest article from Go Zambia Jobs we share 5 tips to help you succeed during a video or telephone interview.

1. Safety first

As with any stage of your job search it is important that you consider your personal safety at all times. Just because you are not meeting face-to-face it does not mean that your safety is assured. If offered a video or telephone do some research to ensure that the person or organisation is legitimate. This research could involve seeking guidance from friends and family to checking the organisation website and company information. You should also ensure that you are not liable for any telephone charges. If you have any suspicions about the interviewer stop the interview and seek guidance from friends and family and any other relevant organisations.

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2. Location, location, location

Finding the right location is crucial for the success of your video or telephone interview. Try to find a quiet location where you will not be disturbed. Make sure that this location is free of distractions such as TVs and radios. If you are having a video interview ensure that the room is clean and tidy and gives a good impression. If you do not have a suitable room of your own ask to use a friend or family members house or office.

3. Practice video / telephone interviews

Video and telephone interviews present different challenges and it may be worth having a practice interview with friends or family in order to help you get used to these methods of being interviewed. This will help you to identify any problems that you might face such as poor signal or sounds problems. Remember to speak slower and louder than normal in order to ensure that you can be heard.

4. Remain professional

A common mistake is to approach phone and video interviews more casually than a face-to-face interview. Try to stay focused and remember that this is a job interview. Remain professional, speak clearly and address the interviewer formally. One trick to help you to stay focused is to dress as you would for a face-to-face interview – even if the interviewer cannot see you.

5. Be ready

Video and telephone calls can take time to setup so you need to allow yourself sufficient time so that you are not rushing or even worse – late. Try to be in your interview space at least 15 minutes before the interview start time and have your computer or telephone on and ready. If you like you can have a few bullet points to hand to help you remember the key points that you would like or questions that you would like to ask. Do not use use extensive notes or a script as this can affect the flow of the interview.

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