Top 5 recruitment tips from employers

Ever wondered what employers REALLY want from job applicants? In the latest careers article from Go Zambia Jobs we uncover the top 5 recruitment tips from employers themselves.

Tip 1.  Include a RELEVANT subject line 

The subject line is only a small part of an application but get it wrong and you could be instantly rejected. Employers often instantly reject emails that contain low quality subject lines. Low quality subject lines are those that contain spelling or grammatical errors or show a lack of thought (such as FWD). The best thing to do is to keep the subject line simple by using the Job Title and/or Reference Number contained in the job advertisement.

Tip 2.  Apply as soon as you can (and ALWAYS before the closing date!)

Employers have told us that they often stop accepting or reviewing applications once they have received sufficient applications. It is therefore vital to send your application as soon as possible whilst ensuring that your application demonstrates how you meet the requirements stipulated in the job advertisement.

Tip 3. NEVER send the same CV or application twice

It’s easy for employers to spot when an applicant has simply re-used an old CV or application.  These CVs and applications are often rejected as the applicant has not demonstrated how the meet the requirements listed in the job advertisement. One employer told us that they often received CVs where applicants write about how they can do a particular job even though the advert relates to a different type of job altogether! The only way to ensure that you meet as meet as many of the requirements as possible is to amend your CV or application for EVERY job. It may take you some extra time but it gives you the best chance of demonstrating that you are the right candidate.

Tip 4. Provide the CORRECT contact information, switch on your cell and check your emails

There are few things worse in recruitment than sifting through 100’s of applications only to find out that the ones you select cannot be contacted. If you have applied for a job ALWAYS be prepared for the employer to contact you. This could be via cell, email or other methods so make sure that you keep checking. If you are unable to answer your cell it is a good idea to update your answerphone message to ensure that it sends the right signals to potential employers.

Tip 5. Make sure that you PREPARE for the interview

Employers tell us that many applicants fail to adequately prepare for the interview and as a result fail to receive a job offer. So what are employers looking for at the job interview? Employers want to find someone who understands what the organisation does and is able to demonstrate how they will be able to do the job being offered. This means doing some research on the organisation and preparing some examples that demonstrate how you meet the requirements stipulated in the job advertisement before the interview.

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