How to improve your application success rate in 2024

In this exclusive careers article from Go Zambia Jobs we explain why understanding all job requirements is vital to the success of your job applications in 2024.

What are job requirements?

Job requirements are the skills, experience and qualifications requested by employers from applicants. Job requirements can include:

  • Skill requirements (e.g. a particular skill, for example report writing, financial analysis);
  • Academic requirements (e.g. Grade 12 school certificate, diploma, degree and/or professional qualifications);
  • Knowledge requirements (e.g. subject, industry, function, task, environment);
  • Experience requirements (e.g. # of years experience in a particular job, sector or level).
  • Personality traits (e.g. results-orientated, friendly, sober, mature)

Where can you find the job requirements?

Most of the time employers will provide a list of job requirements in the job advertisement. If the job requirements are not listed in clear sections (as above) make your own list of all the requirements provided by the employer.

Why is understanding ALL job requirements so important?

Understanding ALL job requirements is vital to ensure that you:

1) apply for the right types of jobs; and

2) are able to maximise the scores given to your applications.

Applying for the right type of jobs

It is important to consider that you only have a limited amount of time to apply for jobs. Applying for the wrong types of jobs (i.e. jobs were you do not meet most of the requirements) limits the amount of time you can apply to applications were you do meet most of the requirements. It can result in lower quality applications that are more likely to be rejected than accepted. Ensuring that you fully understand the job requirements means that you can focus your time and effort on the right type of jobs in order to maximise your chances of application success.

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Maximising your application score

Employers will often score candidates against the job requirements contained in the job advertisement. Candidates with the highest scores are then invited to attend an interview or are directly offered the job. The scoresheet used by the employer provides marks for each requirement met in an application (similar to marking a test or exam ). The aim therefore is to alter each CV or application to ensure that you match as many of the job requirements listed in the job advertisement as possible. Therefore, if you understand the job requirements you can improve your application score and increase your chances of securing an interview and employment.

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