What is a Motivational Letter?

What is a motivational letter?

A motivational letter is often provided as an accompanying document to a CV or resume when applying for an employment opportunity or educational course.

What is the difference between a motivational letter and cover letter? 

A motivational letter is a type of cover letter used when applying for a course or unpaid position. You can learn more about cover letters and view example cover letters here.

What is the purpose of a motivational letter?

A motivational letter serves as an introduction and is also an opportunity for you to explain how you meet the requirements for the position, course etc. The motivational letter forms a vital part of the application process and should command considerable thought and effort.

Is there a standard format for motivational letters?

There is no standard format for motivational letters. Unless otherwise specified it is likely that you will need to provide:

  • your contact details
  • an engaging introduction outlining the reason(s) for your letter
  • 2-3 concise paragraphs enthusiastically outlining your relevant skills, personality traits and key achievements
  • a closing paragraph thanking the reader for reviewing your application

5 tips for writing a successful motivational letter

  • research and understand the opportunity and organisation
  • clearly outline the reasons for your letter
  • concisely show how you can be an asset to the organisation
  • demonstrate enthusiasm and passion
  • produce a high quality letter with professional design, layout and formatting

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