What should you do when you graduate?

Have you or a friend or family member recently graduated? If so, check out this article for some AMAZING tips on what you should do once you graduate.

1. Make a plan

It is often said that a goal without a plan is just a wish. Take some time now to develop a plan to help you achieve your goal.

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2. Create a dynamic CV 

Most employers require you to submit a CV as part of the job application process. With competition for jobs fierce in Zambia it is vital that you learn how to develop a dynamic CV that will help you to get noticed by employers.

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3. Obtain suitable references

It is common for employers to ask for references from new employees. Employers do this in order to confirm that the information provided in a CV or application is correct. As a recent graduate your university experience will be one of your biggest selling points. Make sure that you obtain a reference from your college or university as soon as you can. This ensures that both you and your performance is fresh in the mind of your chosen referee. It also reduces the risk that your referee will move on without providing you with a vital reference.

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4. Update your social media profiles

Social media can be an important tool to help you find employment in Zambia. However, it is vital that you take some time now to think about how you present yourself on social media. Employers often search Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles to gather information on job applicants. Make sure that you delete any comments or images that might not represent you in the best light.

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5. Use technology to help you find jobs

Technology has made many things things in life a lot easier – including finding a job. If you are looking for a job then you should think about how you can use technology as part of your job search strategy.

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6. Keep on learning

Life-long learning is vital in the workplace. You may be a graduate but that doesn’t mean that you can stop learning. Luckily there are lots of incredible free online courses designed to help you improve your skills and knowledge.

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