What to do when offered a new job

Congratulations you have been offered a new job! What do you do now?

1. Make sure you understand the job offer

If you received a written job offer, make sure you that read through the details of the offer. If possible, ask a friend or family member to read through the offer before signing. If this is not possible at least try to discuss with your friends or family any concerns that you may have. If you received a verbal job offer make a note of the offer and any terms and conditions. Do not be afraid to query the job offer or terms of employment before accepting or rejecting a job offer.

2. Pre-acceptance questions

There will be a lots of questions that you may want to consider before accepting a job offer. These questions could include:

  • What are the exact terms and conditions of the job offer?
  • What will be your duties and responsibilities?
  • How much will you be paid and when will you be paid?
  • How many hours will you be required to work?
  • Are there any other benefits such as a pension or life insurance?
  • Will you receive a holiday allowance? If so, how much will you receive?
  • When will you start?
  • Is there a probation period?
  • If you decide to leave, how much notice period will you be required to give?

3. Is this the right job for you?

Having considered the job offer you should ask yourself – is this the right job for me? Again, it may be wise to consult friends, family or acquaintances as to whether this is the right role for you but remember the final decision must be yours.

4. Accepting a job offer

Having considered all these factors you may decide to accept the job offer. In these circumstances you should contact the employer or recruiter and advise them of your decision. Call the employer or recruiter and let them know your decision before sending a more formal email or letter accepting the job offer. The formal email or letter is used to confirm the details of your acceptance and should include:

  • Thanks and appreciation for the opportunity
  • Confirmation that you accept the job offer and terms and terms and conditions of employment

5. Rejecting a job offer

If you decide to reject the offer you should contact the recruiter and advise them of your decision. Remain polite and professional and thank them for their consideration. You should never simply ignore a job offer. Always finish on good terms as you never know what will happen in the future.

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