When is the best time to apply a job?

In this careers article we share with you some of the most important secrets of a successful job application – the best time to apply for a job.

When is the best time to apply a job?

When submitting a job application you should try to submit your application as soon as possible whilst ensuring that you still submit a high quality application.

Why you should always try to apply as soon as possible?

The jobs market in Zambia can be extremely competitive and it is not uncommon for employers to receive 100’s of job applications for a single job vacancy. When this happens employers will often:

  • remove the job advertisement before the closing date
  • stop accepting applications
  • only review a certain number of applications

Should you still apply after the closing date?

If you do not apply then you will never know if your application might have been considered. However, the longer you leave your application the less likely it is to be considered. If you are really interested in the job then apply with an amazing CV or application and hope that it will be considered.


Submitting your application as soon as you can whilst ensuring that your application meets the criteria stipulated in the job advertisement is the best way to ensure that your application will be considered by the employer. This could improve your chances of your job advertisement being successful.

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