Will you make any career resolutions in 2015?

The start of the new year gives us the opportunity to start again with a renewed sense of energy, purpose and hope. Some people find that making a new year career resolution can help them to harness this renewed sense of energy, purpose and hope.

This week we are asking whether or not you be making any career resolutions in 2015?

We are also asking you to share with us any career resolutions that you might make using the comment section below or on Twitter using the hashtag #CareerResolutionsZambia2015.

Share your 2015 career resolutions!

What are your career resolutions for 2015? Tweet us with the hashtag #CareerResolutionsZambia2015 to share!

You can also share your career resolutions for 2015 using the comment section below. Next week we will share the results of our poll together with a selection of your tweets!

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