Provision of Consultancy Services for Determining Best Use to Facilitate Design and Supervision of Works for the Current Commercial Plot on Stand No (1)

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WWF Zambia


ADDENDUM: Number One

DATE: 30/08/2022

PROJECT: Provision of Consultancy Services for Determining Best Use to Facilitate Design and Supervision of Works for the Current Commercial Plot On Stand No. 4978, Corner of Hailee Selassie Avenue and Los Angeles Boulevard, Longacres Area, Lusaka Zambia.

This addendum is issued prior to the close of tenders to provide additional instructions and/or revisions.


Kindly Note:

  1. Due to an error in dates on the posted advert, the last date and time for receiving bids has been revised from 31st August, 2022 5pm, to 12th September 2022, 5pm.
  2. A site visit to the commercial plot is not mandatory for the submission of the sealed proposals, but is highly recommended.
  3. Any clarifications required by bidders should be received no later than 6th September 2022, 5pm.
  4. All submissions must be done online- physical applications will not be accepted.



The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is an independent conservation organization, with over 30 million followers and a global network active in nearly 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the Earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature by conserving the world’s biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.

WWF Zambia holds a Certificate of Title Deed (No. 26787) in a commercial area with a tenure of one hundred (100) years from 1st July 1975. The land extent is 4689 square meters or 0.4689 hectares. The land is currently developed with a double storey house that has been converted to office space and three smaller offices. WWF Zambia intends to redevelop this property, and therefore is seeking consultancy services to determine the best use to facilitate design and supervision of works.

The WWF Zambia now invites sealed proposals to provide the following services (hereafter called ‘services’).


1.1 The objective of the consultancy services is to:

1.1.1 Determine the Highest and Lowest Use (HBU) of the property by providing at least three (3) options that will take into consideration: location and business viability of the option(s).

1.1.2 Arising from the study, provide recommendations highlighting the most optimal option(s) use in terms of usage of the land / property for WWF Zambia

1.1.3 Estimate revenue possibilities Recommend the best structure, and model to operate and run the proposed option(s)


2.1  The principal responsibilities of the consultant will be as follows

2.1.1  Perform all necessary research and surveys needed to produce the various business options that would maximize land use. These studies should cover a thorough examination of the property market.

2.1.2  Formulate cost comparisons of at least three options that optimally utilise the land / property based on realistic assumptions and financial projections

2.1.3 Formulate sales market comparisons for each of the options considered

2.1.4  Produce a Highest and Best Use report based on the concept of the maximum productivity

2.1.5  Carry out market research that will cover:  Property market analysis  Projected future market of the city and location / suburb  Proposed Best Use of the property / plot

2.1.6 The four criteria that the Highest and Best Use report must meet are Legal conformity Physical possibility Financial feasibility Maximum productivity

2.1.7 The consultant shall be required to present the report and the recommendations to the WWF and in turn receive critical feedback


3.1 In the Highest and Best Use analysis, the consultant should only consider the following

3.1.1 Uses that are legally permitted

3.1.2  Analysis should exclude uses that are not permitted by zoning, land use planning, uses forbidden by government regulation and by law

3.1.3  Identification of the existing sector laws and the regulatory framework that allows for the private provisions of such infrastructure and related services.


4.1 Any use being explored must be physically possible given the size, shape, topography, and other characteristics of the site which will include:

4.1.1 Minimum required performance standards of the facilities expressed in terms of outputs

4.1.2 Background data on existing reticulation and communication systems, roads and other networks in terms of the project sites’ accessibility, size, and conditions of soils etc; and

4.1.3 Potential environmental impacts of the project on air and water quality, noise pollution and water reticulation and drainage facilities


5.1 The Highest and Best Use of a property must be financially feasible, i.e., any proposed use must not only generate adequate revenue to justify the costs of the construction but also increase the shareholder value. Therefore, the consultant shall undertake a financial feasibility analysis to ensure that the proposed use of the property will generate adequate revenue to justify the cost of construction plus a reasonable profit for the developer. Determine through financial focus and other business ratios, the estimated revenue flows based on the costs of undertaking the infrastructure project in this location. The financial focus and the business rations will include the following:

5.1.1 Discount rate

5.1.2 Discounted cash flow

5.1.3 Net Present Values (NPV)

5.1.4 Free Cash flow

5.1.5 Internal rate of return

5.1.6 Sensitivity analysis

5.1.7 Payback Period (PBP)

5.1.8 Initial vs Equivalent

5.1.9 The finance analysis

The financial analysis shall be used to determine the maximum productive use in order to ensure that the use of the property will generate the Highest net returned


The potential use must generate the highest return to the shareholder.

6.1 Prepare a financial model with output financial statements, sure as income statement, conforming to international Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS) and including the following:

6.1.1 Financing costs

6.1.2  Profitability projections including but not limited to; Discounted cash flows, IRR, NPV and PBP

6.1.3 Projected revenue and its assumptions

6.1.4 Operating expenses

6.1.5 Other model assumptions (including inflation rate, discount rate, depreciation)

6.1.6 Sensitivity analysis

6.1.7 Value for money and

6.1.8 Risk analysis


Applicants (either individual Consulting companies or Joint Venture Consulting Companies(JVCC)) will be considered as qualified if they meet the following conditions:

General Experience:

  • If they have successfully carried out in the last ten (10) years a minimum of three (03) assignments of similar scale and scope as either sole consultant or lead partner in a JVCC or sub consultant or member in a JVCC;

Specific Experience:

  • If they have successfully completed in the last five (05) years, as either sole consultant or lead partner in a JVCC or sub consultant or member in a JVCC, a Highest and Best Use Assignment on a minimum of two similar contracts;
  • If they have successfully completed in the last five (05) years, as either sole consultant or lead partner in a JVCC or sub consultant or member in a JVCC, supervision of construction services on a minimum of two similar contracts, with a consultancy fee value in excess of ZMW 1.0M
  • If they have successfully[1] completed at least one HBU assignment in the Sub Saharan Africa region.

Financial Capacity:

  • It is a requirement that applicants can show an average annual turnover over the last five (05) years of not less than ZMW 3.5M. This must be substantiated by submission of documentary proof such as audited financial statements for the three-year period[2];
  • Applicants are advised that the minimum liquidity or line of credit required to undertake these services is ZMW 0.5M and that applicants must ensure that they have access to adequate finance to enable mobilisation and commencement of the services.

Consultants Staff:

  • The consultant must demonstrate the availability of appropriate skills among staff. The Consultant must demonstrate that it has adequate capacity in terms of professional staff with relevant expertise.

The team leader should have the following qualification:

    1. Minimum 20 years of experience in delivering similar assignments cases
    2. Should have project management, Real Estate Surveyor, architectural or quantity surveying background
    3. Member of professional bodies such as EIZ, ZIA, ZIQS, SIZ
    4. Should have international experience especially in a medium income country


  • The applicant should have the following:
    1. Certificate of incorporation
    2. Valid ZRA tax clearance form,
    3. Workers’ compensation,
    4. NAPSA compliance certificate,
    5. Professional body registration certificate

JVCC Participation:

The maximum allowable number of Joint Venture, Consortium or Association (JVCA) Partners is three (03). The Lead Partner in the JVCA contract shall have the majority share of the total value of the contract. The minimum share of the other Partners in the JVCA contract shall not be less than ten (10) percent of the total value of the contract.


Upon completion of the contract, the consultant shall prepare a final report, which shall highlight all the findings of the HBU study undertaken.

Three (3) copies of the final report shall be submitted in “draft” prior to the finalisation of the HBU study, and the report shall be finalised within two weeks of receiving formal comments from the client. Five (5) copies of the Final report shall be submitted within 10 days after receipt of the said comments

The closing date for the receipt of bids is 31st August 2022 at 5 pm local time and any applications received after the time and date stipulated above shall not be accepted. The applications shall be opened in the presence of the bidders, at WWF Zambia Headquarters after the closing of bids, on the 1st of September 2022.

Item No. Description of Item Date
1 Date of issue of advert 04th August, 2022
2 Site visit and Venue for site visit Monday 8th  to Thursday 11th August, 2022  at Plot  No.4978 Los Angeles Boulevard- Long Acres
3 For Clarification contact 0977877892
4 Last Date and Time for receiving bids 6th September, 2022 5pm
5 Date and time for Opening Bids 1st September, 2022  9am
6 Emailing  address [email protected]

[1] Successfully completed implies all services performed during the five (05) years reference that were completed within the period (based on an issued certificate of completion or a reference from a client)

[2] Note: Financial qualification of an individual company or where the application is by a JVCA, the financial qualification will be 70% for the Lead Partner and 30% for the other joint Partner(s).

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