Job Seeker Testimonials

Our mission is to help those looking to find a job in Zambia. We do this by giving job seekers access to the latest job advertisements and through our newsletters, career advice and job alerts.

Job Seeker Testimonials

There are lots of job seekers using to find jobs in Zambia. Here is just some of the kind feedback submitted to

“May I say thank you for making it easy for us to find a place to see job adverts. I for one I have had many interviews and job offers after responding to adverts posted here on your site.” Mainde M.

“Thank you so much. You are the most credible site with credible newsletters, and best in Zambia.” Makenzie A.

“What you are doing will open our eyes as career seekers. Thank you very much.” Jacob M.

“Thank you for providing me with the information that I requested. Because I adequately prepared for the interview, it was just like a chat and I got the job. You are doing a great job please keep it. Your site is a knowledge hub that must be sustained.” Esther P.

“I would like to thank you for the great job you are doing in helping millions of people patterning job search, cv writing, academic and career guide and many more related issues. Keep up the good work and may the faithful Lord bless you. .” Evans P.

“Good advice realy helpfull; Love this .” Raymond M.

You can view testimonials from employers at: Employer Testimonials

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31 thoughts on “Job Seeker Testimonials”

  1. You guys ( are the best, and and really been so instrumental. Your job adverts are timely and well updated. You’ve personally helped me in so many ways. Keep up with the great work you’re doing.
    From Choolwe Moono.

  2. It a 100% privilege that we can’t afford to pay back, your good job you do has prospered me big that I can’t explain. Andrew Banda Santos Eastern power

  3. This is a good site for job seekers, even the lazy ones can have acess to be employed and become active and very usefull in society.

  4. My sincere gratitude to the managers and all who are making sure that this platform keeps running,
    thank you for helping find my job here.
    I am grateful, may God bless you all.
    To those who are still searching for jobs please Do Not give up and keep trying you shall one day get the feed back you desire.
    I cannot remember how many times i applied for jobs, the CVs I sent and got no feedback but i kept on applying.
    I applied for a job on 15th October 2019 and was called for interviews on 21st January 2020 and by God grace I was successful.
    #just God#

  5. Hope to find a job I have a craft certificate in metal fabrication all the best for the great doings

  6. We believe that through your website me & the other guys who are still looking for jobs , one day our faithful God will bless us, thanks for this platform.

  7. I have been making applications to job advertisements posted here but I have never been called at all. I wonder if they are real

  8. If you fancy higher chances of an interview call,go zambia jobs is the place to be!.Jobs are there and if you are competent ,you will find your perfect fit on this platform.This is the best employee-employer matchmaker…give it a shot!

  9. its a great privailege to have access to this site job well done great thinkers kennedy s malewa

  10. Thank you for setting up this site, get it from me that this is very generous of you. I was recently looking for a job and one of my friends had let me know about your website. I browsed around and found an appropriate job. Thanks a lot again.

  11. Thanks to pipo who came up with this site. It so knowledgeable in area of job seeking. A good platform I must say.

  12. Dear Go Zambia Jobs,

    It is with a great deal of appreciation that I write to you today.

    In the recent and past years. Finding a job in our country has never been a walk in park. Graduates would rom the streets of our country from one office place to the other, looking for a job that they don’t know if they will find or not, but each and every day they still wake up in search of a job. Cloths get worn out. Hills on their shoes slide to one side. They came from far and near.

    In the recent years, technology has been on the verge of our existence. And many countries have used it in their development and to empower there young people. It’s is so fundamental that it other countries it is a Right to have internet access.

    In as much as we aspire for such development, we try to use internet to the best of our knowledge and capacity.

    I, in person and to many young graduates out there who are using your services, Would like to express my/our deepest gratitude to you. It is not easy nor is common in our society to find people who are will to provide such services for free. Because of your contribution to out society and dedication to our young people, sliding shoes have become a thing of the past, because Searching a job has become so much easier than ever. Now it can be done in the comfort of one’s own time and in the convenience of there home.

    I personally have not yet found a job. But the search for the job has become a lot more easier.
    ALL THANKS TO YOU. It is my prayer that you continue with this spirit and continue offering these services to, because it might not seem productive, but because of you we are able to search for jobs even in places we have got hear for the first to through you.

    My hearts most gratitude go to you.


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