How to attend Job Fairs in Zambia

Careers events, or job fairs as they are often known, are events were an employer or number of employers invite people to find out more about their organisation and the employment opportunities that exist.

The events often take place in large venues where lots of people can attend. Employer(s) often give a presentation and provide information on the company and the employment opportunities that exist. Employer(s) may also answer questions and accept job applications – some even conduct on the spot job interviews.

Should I attend careers events/job fairs?

If you are looking for a job in Zambia then it is definitely worth attending careers events/job fairs as part of your overall job search strategy. You may find out useful information about the organisation and the opportunities that exist and may have the chance to submit your CV or have an on the spot job interview.

How should you prepare for a careers event/jobs fair?

The key to getting the most from careers events and jobs fairs is to treat the entire process as a job interview. This means that you must dress and act appropriately. Preparation is the key to success so you will need to ensure that you take plenty of copies of your CV and cover letter. You should also think about what questions you might be asked and how you might answer them. Furthermore, you should also think about some questions that you might want to ask the employer(s).

Here are 5 useful articles to help you prepare for a careers event:

Where can I find out about careers events in Zambia?

You can find out about careers events in Zambia in the media as well as on You may also be able to subscribe to email or social media alerts from employers by visiting the employer’s website.

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