What is Economics?

Economics is a social science concerned with issues relating to the production, consumption and distribution of resources. Economists examine issues such as scarcity in order to make choices such as how to distribute resources.


  • Economist
  • Health Economist
  • Environmental Economist
  • Production/Research Analyst
  • Econometrician
  • Quantitative Analyst

What skills do you need to work in economics?

  • A good grasp of mathematical and statistical analysis
  • Research and report writing skills
  • The ability to explain complex data
  • Commercial acumen

Where do economic professionals work?

Economists can work in a number of different roles both in the public sector or in the private sector. Sectors requiring economists include: Health, Government, Environmental, Media, Manufacturing, Transport, Communications, Banking, Insurance, Investment, Retail, Construction.

Typical Work Activities

  • Statistical data collection
  • Modelling data and testing hypotheses
  • Data analysis
  • Resource allocation and pricing decisions

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