Help! Is this job already taken?

Dear Aunty,

I have seen a job advertised but I think that it may already have been taken. I rang the employer to ask for a little bit more information and talked with a receptionist. She said that she thought that the role had already been offered to someone else – someone who already works at the company.

Should I still apply?

Aunty says,

My advice is that if you believe that you are qualified for the role and have the relevant experience you should put aside all negative thoughts and apply to the best of your ability. Even if it later turns out that the role has already been filled it is still good application practice.

Furthermore, do you know for sure that the receptionist is fully up to date with the employment situation? It could be that the receptionist is deliberately putting off potential applicants in the hope of securing the job for someone else.

Alternatively, it could be that there is some truth in what the receptionist told you. However, it could be that the employer still wants to see if there are any better candidates before making a final decision. If this is the case then you are still have the chance.

I wonder if you are looking for excuses not to apply? Do you have a fear of getting the job?

Ultimately, if you do not apply you will not know if your application could have been successful. If you apply then you have some chance of getting the job.

Life is full of risk so give it a try – what is the worst that could happen?

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