How many teachers will Zambia need by 2015?

The supply of teachers is failing to keep pace with the demand for primary education. According to the latest UIS data, the world needs to create 1.7 million new teaching posts by 2015 to reach Universal Primary Education (UPE). In addition, 5.1 million teachers are expected to leave the profession and must be replaced. In total, 6.8 million teachers will be needed to ensure every child’s right to basic education.

The UIS has created an interactive info-graphic to illustrate the gap between the supply and demand for teachers by region. The situation is most extreme in sub-Saharan Africa, where the school-aged population continues to rise. More than 1.8 million primary school teachers are required by 2015. In other words, the supply of teachers in the region must increase by 10% every year to meet the goal of UPE.

The UIS data indicates that Zambia will need to recruit almost 40,000 teachers by 2015. The majority (62%) of this need is due to new teachers being required to meet demand with the remainder (38%) being due to attrition.

How Many Teachers will Zambia need by 2015

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