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The Private Enterprise Programme Zambia (PEPZ), funded by UKaid,

Background information

Funded by UKAID, the Private Enterprise Programme Zambia (PEPZ) is a five-year programme that builds and strengthens the capacity of Zambian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the private sector in order to create jobs and contribute to the diversification of the economy.

PEPZ is being implemented through targeted interventions that identify and support entrepreneurs with the attitude and willingness to become more competitive.

Context of assignment

There are political and commercial pressures to increase the level of local content in manufacturing and maintenance services supplies to Zambian mines. There is a need to both improve supplier SME capacity and to help the mines to find ways to work more collaboratively with Zambian suppliers. Mistrust and misunderstandings on both sides makes bridging the gap between mines and SMEs particularly complex.

This assignment is part of a PEPZ mining sector local content initiative, which has four objectives:

  • Strengthen sector co-ordination
  • Increase SME managerial, commercial, technical and financial capacity
  • Improve access to affordable finance
  • Strengthen business linkages with Zambian SMEs and the mines

The Copperbelt and Northwestern chambers of commerce and industry as the permanent participants in the area will be the interlocutors between the mines and their member SMEs. This will be a new role initially working closely with Mopani mine supporting a pilot supplier development programme with up to 10 selected SMEs. An international extractive industry consultant has been appointed to develop the systems and framework required to deliver an effective supplier development programme piloting at Mopani mine. In order to ensure that the systems and processes are bedded in for long term sustainability PEPZ require a co facilitator working with the mines and selected SMEs. In addition, the co-facilitator will work closely with the chambers of commerce and the project co facilitator imbedded at the chamber to integrate their workplan and systems to ensure long term communication between the mines and their SME membership.

Objectives of assignment

The objectives of the assignment are for the co facilitator to work alongside the mines procurement and engineering teams to implement the systems and structure developed for a supplier development programme. Based at Mopani mine and initially working alongside the selected consultant gain a clear understanding of the procurement and engineering process required to obtain local manufacturing and maintenance service supplies. Gain an understanding of the supply SME capability “current state”, how they do things today and match this with the mines requirements “future state” in order to understanding the gap between supply capability and demand needs. Working with the mines and chambers of commerce identify interventions that will bring the SMEs up to the required standards. Working in partnership with the co-facilitator in the chambers of commerce establish in consultation with the mines and chambers of commerce systems and processes that the chambers need to implement to ensure that the overall objective of an increase in local manufacturing and maintenance services into the mines is sustained. Put systems in place to ensure that the supplier development programme is sustainable regardless of changes in the mines ownership or personnel.

The chambers of commerce need to play a critical role in this process as the main link between the mines and their SME members. This will enable the chambers to add real value to their SME members providing a much better service that in turn will give the mines better service and increase local manufacturing and maintenance inputs into the mines. In addition where appropriate disseminate the pilot outcomes to other mines sharing best practice. To achieve this the chambers will:

  • Have regular formal meetings with the mines to gain a clear understanding of issues related to supply problems. For example, to gain an understanding of future developments in order to advise their supply SMEs on trends in technology and how the SMEs can offer support.
  • Provide opportunities for capacity building for their membership focused on the needs of the customer (feedback from the mines).
  • Ensure that the mines are transparent in the way that they issue tenders and contracts.
  • Work with the mines and their members to ensure that the supplier development programme is not only sustained but enhanced for the benefit of all.
  • Liaise with relevant government bodies to ensure policy alignment.

The starting point will be a pilot supplier development programme with Mopani mine to engage with up to 10 supplier SMEs this will be initially supported by a specialist consultant to set up the structure and framework. The co facilitator will support the mines to implement a supplier development programme in selecting suitable products that the mines require for manufacture or service and then match with up to ten appropriate SMEs that could supply the mines. The co facilitator will communicate the beneficial outcomes to other mines

Scope of work:

Work closely with the mines, chambers of commerce and the chamber co facilitator to facilitate the delivery of the objectives above. To support the development of links with key staff at the mines in order to support the supplier development consultant in meeting their objectives.

To support the design and piloting of the Mopani SDP. This will involve working with the chambers and mines to understand the current relationship between the mines engineering team and procurement. How the current procurement process at the mine operates. The range of products or services that the mine are initially prepared to offer for this pilot and what are potential products or services that can be offered to local SMEs when there is confidence in SMEs ability to supply. Establish in partnership with the mine, chambers and the chamber co facilitator a selection criterion for recruiting suitable SME’s into the pilot. Set up a system to measure the effectiveness of a supplier development programme. Establish a formal communications structure between the key players including roles and responsibilities. This communication structure needs to extend beyond the immediate pilot in order to disseminate best practice across the sector.

To promote awareness and uptake of the benefits of SDP across the Zambian mining sector. Develop processes that are robust enough to be transferable to other mines that can be integrated into their own systems.


  • Develop in conjunction with the mine, PEPZ and the specialist consultant a future vision on the role that the mine need to play in order to meet the long-term requirements of a sustainable SDP.
  • Draft detailed project plans in conjunction with the mine including key milestone deliverables that will work towards the future vision.
  • Communicate on progress to PEPZ highlighting any obstacles that need to be addressed that could inhibit the project achieving its objectives.
  • Develop a rapport with the wider mining sector in conjunction with the chamber staff.
  • Develop a working relationship with all key staff at the mines to ensure that the mines meet their objectives as outlined above.
  • Facilitate the mines procurement and engineering team members to firstly understand the requirements and then implement the project objectives.
  • Identify capacity building needs of supply SMEs that can be communicated to the chamber and recommend appropriate training programmes.
  • Monitor overall project progress in line with M&E requirements.

Experience and qualifications:

The consultant will be able to demonstrate hands-on experience of working with the private sector. They need to demonstrate patience and also tenacity to get the job done.

The consultant will need to have excellent communication skills and be comfortable in communicating with people at all levels. They will need to have experience in organisational change and taking people with them during this change process as it will require the chambers of commerce to move from a reactive role to a proactive role to achieve the project objectives.

They need to be a quick learner as it will require them to develop an understanding of the dynamics of the Zambian mining sector political economy and the business environment in the Copperbelt province. In addition to having an understanding of products and services consumed by Zambian mines and a working understanding of the capacity of Zambian SMEs to meet demand and some of the constraints that these SME suppliers face.

Duration of the assignment:

There is a need to start this assignment as soon as is practically possible and we expect that it will be executed over a period of up to 6 months. Inputs will be in blocks of time during this period.

If interested, please e mail supplying covering letter that includes your daily rate & CV using reference Mining and mining services Co Facilitator to [email protected] Please ensure that you mention as the source of this job advertisement.

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