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Impact Enterprises International, a technology company providing outsourced support services based in Chipata, Zambia, is looking for an exceptional project manager to oversee all tech project operations domestically in Zambia.

Company Overview

Impact Enterprises provides valuable employment for high school and college graduates in Zambia. We are a for-profit social enterprise delivering world-class outsourcing services such as web research, content moderation, order management, and data entry. Launched in June 2013, we are seeking to become the premier outsourcing company in Africa.

Based in Chipata, we currently employ 85 Data Specialists and to date have hired over 200 employees. We partner with international marketing, software, and consumer companies and universities to support their operations. All tasks are overseen my team managers and company executives. Internal trainings and workshops help develop the skills of all employees during their employment, allowing them to progress to new tasks over time. Visit our website to learn more:

Job Description

The Project Manager will oversee all client projects being performed in the Chipata office. They will manage a team of Data Specialists, who directly administer projects on a daily basis.

The Project Manager will be responsible for such tasks as:

  1. Monitor deadlines and progress of all projects to meet client expectations.
  2. Ensure client communication is handled properly for each project.
  3. Manage quality assurance on projects.
  4. Evaluate new project specifications to determine feasibility and requirements.
  5. Ensure staff is properly allocated to project needs.
  6. Oversee existing training protocols and devise new methods to enhance employee performance.
  7. Resolve project issues with the team and escalate issues to executives and clients.
  8. Review equipment needs and make recommendations to executives, such as hardware, software, and subscriptions.
  9. Evaluate performance of Data Specialist and provide candid feedback.

The Project Manager must relocate to Chipata, Eastern Province. A moving stipend will be negotiated to help with moving fees.

The initial contract will be for 6 months, with a 24-hour termination option. After the probationary 6-month period, a 1-year contract with option to extend may be offered based on performance.


The candidate must meet all of the below qualifications:

  1. Exceptional English communication skills.
  2. Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Project Management, IT, or Business Administration.
  3. Minimum 2 years’ experience in managing teams on tech related projects.
  4. Advanced skills in Microsoft Office: writing formulas in Excel (including macros), Access, Word, PowerPoint.
  5. Advanced skills in online research.
  6. Ability to think critically and handle conflicts.
  7. Superb attention to detail and organizational skills to manage multiple initiatives simultaneously.
  8. Programming skills: HTML/CSS, SQL, PHP/Ruby/Python, C#/Java.
  9. IT network administration training.
  10. Keen interest in the ICT sector and working with start-up businesses.

Additional valuable qualifications include:

  1. Entrepreneurship experience in business planning, financial modeling, investor relations, procurement, managerial accounting.
  2. Experience working with foreign companies in the United States, Canada, Europe, or Australia.

How to apply

Applicants should email their cover letter and CV and any questions to [email protected] with the subject “Impact Enterprises – Project Manager”. Applicants should clearly explain their interest in working in Chipata with Impact Enterprises, their relevant experience, and skills related to the job description. Additional documents such as school diplomas, certifications, project portfolio, and letters of recommendation are encouraged.

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