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Terms of Reference: Consultancy for Resource Mobilization and Partnership Development Plan 2020-2025

Assignment: Formulating a resource mobilization strategy for 2021 -2025
Duration: 45 Consecutive Days
Location: Lusaka

1.0 Background
The Zambia Red Cross Society (ZRCS) is a humanitarian and developmental aid organization and auxiliary to Government authorities in the humanitarian field enacted by the Red Cross Act of 1966. It is a member of the International Federation of the Red Cross/Red Crescent (IFRC) with a mandate of providing humanitarian services to the most vulnerable members of society. In order for the National Society to fulfill its mandate, it has to remain proactive rather than reactive in dealing with emerging challenges and taking advantage of the environmental opportunities. In the pursuit of this mandate, the National Society has to ensure that it is financially self-sufficient and not completely reliant on funding from partners and other donors. The National Society is working on becoming financially self-sufficient.
To achieve the goal of self-sufficiency, the National Society has invested in a number of resource mobilization initiatives and businesses. These initiatives include management of properties, occupational health services like First Aid, and hospitality. All these initiatives are to generate enough resources for the Society to be able to sustain itself while delivering on its mandate of providing meaningful and life changing or lifesaving humanitarian services.
However, the humanitarian environment has continued to change more so in the last 3 to 5 years. Emerging new challenges have transformed the humanitarian service delivery environment completely. Critical among these are rising costs of operating, rising demand for humanitarian services, and dwindling donor sources. All these challenges have emphasized the need for the National Society to pursue sustainable resource mobilization strategies.
To this end, ZRCS seeks the services of a qualified and experienced consultant to guide the process of formulating the strategies that will guide its resource mobilization actions 5 years into the future.
2.0 Project Purpose and Objectives
The purpose of this assignment is to develop a new resource mobilization and Partnership development plan that will guide the National Society’s resource mobilization actions and partnership development initiatives for the next five years. This will include the evaluation and improvement of the current resource mobilization initiatives and assess various other potential resource mobilization activities aimed at positioning the ZRCS as a stable and largely self-reliant National Society.
In formulating this strategy, the ideal consultant will focus on the following specific objectives:
• Review and assess the current resource mobilization activities with a view of coming up new initiatives that will improve their viability.
• Recommend ways of developing and maintaining strategic partnerships with key donors and partners.
• Scan and assess ZRCS’s external and internal environment in order to map out current opportunities as well as areas of weakness and strengths.
• Synthesize results from the assessments and propose appropriate strategic direction for ZRCS.
• Draft a new resource mobilization and sustainability Plan for ZRCS covering the period 2020 to 2025.
3.0 Main Responsibilities
ZRCS will be fully responsible for the successful recruitment of the consultant and management of the entire Resource Mobilization initiatives review and re-alignment process. The responsibility of the consultant and ZRCS are as stipulated below.
3.1 Responsibilities of the Consultant:
• The consultant will take the lead in designing the approach, stages, information gathering and organization of the entire process from review to final report production.
• To prepare an inception report upon receipt of the terms of reference
• Discuss key results of the resource mobilization and partnerships mapping exercise and any other information incidental to the development of the new RM/PD plan with ZRCS management.
• Prepare the final report.
• Submit five (5) hard copies of a professionally done final report with accompanying electronic copy.
3.2 Responsibilities of ZRCS will include:
• Providing the ToR for the assignment and relevant policy documents
• Guide the consultant to the targeted areas to carry out the review and data collection
• Mobilize the target stakeholders for involvement in the review and development process.
• Support the consultant in identifying and accessing local staff members, volunteers, partners and other stakeholder to assist in the execution of this project.
• Pay consultant fees as agreed upon
• Responsible for costs according to plan submitted by the consultant and agreed upon with ZRCS before commencement of services.
4.0 Scope and Focus of the Assignment
The focus of the consultation is to provide technical support and facilitation of the process to enable the production of a Resource Mobilization and Partnership Development plan 2020-2025. After the review of the Terms of Reference, the consultant will produce an inception report and work plan to guide the assessment of ZRCS’s operations and development process for the new Plan. The scope of work for this assignment will include but not limited to the following:

4.1 Strategic Review (Strategic Plan 2017-2020 Review)

The consultant will be required to review and assess the 2017-2020 Strategic Plan in terms of its resource mobilization and partnership development action plans and their effectiveness. This will involve itemizing the resource mobilization and partnership development deliverables set out within this plan and assessing the extent to which ZRCS achieved them. Performance against deliverables will be graded, as fully done, partially done, not done at all or some variation of these as the consultant will deem necessary. It will be important to point out either factors that worked to facilitate implementation or those that served to derail it.

4.2 Environmental Scan and Analysis of donor interests and priorities

The consultant will be expected to carry out a scan of the operating environment both internal and external to establish the institution’s strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities when it comes to resource mobilization and partnership development. This information will be used to determine the appropriate strategic direction of ZRCS in attracting collaborators or mobilizing resources.

4.3 Resource Mobilization Capacity assessment

The consultant will gather the necessary information from HQ, Branches, and any other selected relevant units to establish the general operational capacity, financial and administrative systems, structure, and organizational set up of ZRCS and how such considerations aid its efforts to establish long-term partner. The information from this assessment can be used to set up a resource framework and human resource plan to ensure that ZRCS has the needed capacity to achieve its resource mobilization objectives.

4.4 Propose Strategies to help ZRCS achieve its operational mandate

The Consultant will propose strategies that will drive ZRCS’s resource mobilization and partnership development actions in the next five years and probably further into the future. All strategies developed are to be in line with the Red Cross’s strategic mandate and image. The partnerships to be developed under this strategy will be complementary to the Zambia Red Cross’s mandate and resource mobilization base. That is, partnerships to be considered under this plan will be those that increase the National Society’s resource base without compromising its image and broader mandate.

4.5 Compile and Produce a new Resource Mobilization and Partnership Development Plan for 2020 to 2025

The consultant will compile a comprehensive Resource Mobilization and Partnership Development Plan covering all analytical information, recommended strategic direction and deliverables as a well-bound final report.

5.0 Deliverables

The consultant will provide the following deliverables;

1. An inception report and analysis framework based on these Terms of Reference
2. A quotation for the total costs of this assignment including consultancy fees.
3. A workplan for the facilitation of the entire process
4. Five copies of a well bound resource mobilization and partnership development plan containing but not limited to the following parts:
• The National President’s foreword (National Society Produced)
• Executive Summary
• Background
• Environmental Analysis and partnership development
• Strategic priorities and direction
• Tools meant to assess progress in the attainment of set resource mobilization strategies
• Strategic framework and execution plan

6.0 Time Span
The assignment is expected to be completed in 45 consecutive days while contract duration can go beyond this.
7.0 Consultant’s Profile and Expertise
7.1 Education
A Master’s degree in a relevant field covering the areas of planning, development studies, economics, project management, social work or any other related field.
People with degrees in the above fields and extensive experience and expertise in development of strategic plans, research and evaluations will be considered.

7.2 Skills, Knowledge and Competencies
The ideal consultant will have knowledge of and/or proven expertise in the following:
• At least five (5) years’ experience in strategic planning, evaluation and reporting
• Familiarity with the Red Cross Movement’s mandate and operations is a plus
• Excellent interpersonal and professional skills
• Demonstrated experience in working with humanitarian or public benefit organizations
• Qualitative and quantitative research skills
• Ability to write concise yet comprehensive reports

8.0 Selection and Engagement of the Consultant
The National Society will issue a call for bids in the most cost effective, competitive, and transparent way possible to safe guard the integrity of this process. The firms or individuals will be assessed on a range of selection criteria including profile alignment, experience, cost, expertise, and a demonstrated understanding of this assignment based on the successful firm’s inception and methodology report submitted in response to the Terms of Reference.

The Zambia Red Cross Society will reserve the right to reject any bid found to be inadequate or non-compliant to the Terms of Reference. The successful candidate will be required to sign an engagement contract, which will outline in detail the terms of this engagement.

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