Real Estate

What is real estate?

Real estate professionals are involved in the valuation, marketing, letting or sale of land or property.  Real estate professionals may also be involved in managing land or property auctions.


  • Real Estate Sales Agent
  • Estate Agent
  • Lettings Negotiator
  • Sales Negotiator
  • Property Negotiator

What skills do you need to work in real estate?

  • Excellent customer service and client facing skills
  • Energetic and enthusiastic
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Negotiation skills

Where do real estate professionals work?

Real estate professionals usually work in the private sector.  Real estate professionals will often specialise in one of the following areas: Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural

Typical work activities

  • Undertaking valuations of properties
  • Producing written descriptions of properties
  • Designing adverts and marketing properties
  • Contacting potential buyers and sellers
  • Completing paperwork and administration