When should you ask about salary?

Lots of jobs do not specify the salary on offer in the job advertisement. In this exclusive article we outline why employers might not include this information and explore when is the right time to ask about salary.

Why do employers not include information on salary in job adverts?

The lack of information on salary and benefits in a advertisement might mean that the employer wants to see what the market offers. It could also mean that the employer is prepared to negotiate salary (and benefits) once a suitable candidate is identified.

When should you ask about salary?

This is a difficult question – if you ask too early you risk upsetting the employer and could damage your chances of being offered the job. Remember that the employer might not know what salary to offer and might be seeking to let the market decide the salary. In this situation, even if you raised the subject, the employer might be unable to give you a definitive answer prior to your application. We would therefore suggest waiting until the questions is raised by the employer.

How to answer interview questions about pay and salary

Remember that employers often ask about your salary expectations during the job interview itself.  To avoid stumbling over this question you should make sure that you prepare an answer in advance of the interview. Being prepared for this question could be the difference between getting the job or being rejected. There is an excellent guide on how to answer this question at:


While it may seem a waste of time to attend an interview if it turns out that the salary is below your expectations you will never know unless you attend the interview. If an employer believes that you are the most suitable candidate for the role then this would be a suitable time to begin negotiations regarding your salary package – assuming the issue has not already been raised during the job interview.

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