5 things to avoid in a CV or application

Ever wondered what information should NOT be included in your CV or application when applying for jobs in Zambia? Go Zambia Jobs have compiled a list of 5 things not to include in your CV or application.

1. Entire life-story

When submitting a job application you have very little time to impress. The recruiter will quickly look at your application and think, “Why should I interview this person? What benefits will they bring to the organisation? Do they meet the selection criteria?” When compiling your CV ensure that you include information that shows how you meet the selection criteria and what benefits you will bring to the organisation. Make this information obvious to the recruiter by not burying this information in a long winded life story.

2. Ugly Design and Formatting

First impressions count and before the recruiter has even had chance to read the content they will already have noticed the design and formatting. Always try to make your CV design and formatting suitable for the role to which you are applying. Try to design a simple but professional looking CV. Use of multiple fonts, styles, colours and bullet points should be avoided.

3. Spelling & Grammatical Errors

Imagine that you are an employer looking to recruit for a position in your company. You receive 50 applications and can only interview 10. There is very little between the candidates in terms of skills and experience but you know you only have the time to interview 5. What is a simple way to eliminate 5 candidates? Spelling and grammatical errors. Always use a spell checker, re-read your CV before applying and if possible get a friend or colleague to double-check. Do not rule yourself out of a job because of spelling and grammatical errors.

4. False or Misleading Information

Employers and recruiters can often spot information that is false or misleading. With the increasing amount of digital and online information it is easier than ever for employers to check information provided. Even if you do manage to go undetected through the application process misleading information could still count against you later on.

5. Funny Email Addresses

Make sure that the e-mail address you use is suitable for making job applications. We once saw an email address from an applicant for the role of child-minder that was something like [email protected]! Would you trust your child with crazycat?!

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