5 things to include in a CV or application

In this exclusive article from Go Zambia Jobs we explore 5 things that you really MUST include in a CV or application.

1. Contact details

An all too common mistake is failing to provide the correct telephone number or email address. If the employer cannot get in touch with you then they cannot invite you to an interview. Check, double-check and check again to ensure that the contact details are correct. Furthermore, if you provide a contact number consider that a potential employer may actually call you – you should therefore ensure that you have a suitable answerphone message.

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2. How you meet the requirements for the job

In most adverts the requirements for the job are broken down into clear sections. These requirements could be as follows:

  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Organisational fit/personality traits

You should always make time to alter each CV or application to ensure that it demonstrates how you meet all of the requirements listed in the job advert.

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3.  Results and outcomes

Employers are interested in results and outcomes. You should therefore be sure to include information on the results and outcomes of your work. Avoid the temptation to provide a complete breakdown of each task that you did in previous jobs. Instead, focus on results and outcomes and provide numerical data to quantify your results and achievements  i.e. increased sales by US$ X or X%.

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4. Educational achievements

One easy way for an employer to filter applications is to reject those who fail to meet, or fail to show, how they meet the educational requirements. In addition to certified qualifications (Grade 12 certificate/Diplomas/Degrees etc.) you should also consider including educational achievements gained though informal learning such as experience gained on a particular machine, computer programs etc. You may also want to consider including details on any work-based training.

5. Professional Memberships

Recruiters and employers will often want to see details of any professional memberships you hold – so be sure to include this information (even if you only hold student membership).

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