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Discover how to set up free daily email job alerts and receive personalised jobs alerts when new jobs are added to

How to set up free daily job alerts

To set up free daily email job alerts follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to and select “login” from the menu options
  2. Click the “Free Jobs Alerts” under the “Find Jobs” tab or click here
  3. Select keywords and/or job categories and save your alert.


Follow the steps above and you will receive daily email job alerts.

Further Information

Please note that job alerts will only be sent to you if new jobs are added to the site that match your criteria. If you need further information please email [email protected].

* Data charges may apply. Please check with your internet provider for details.

23 thoughts on “FREE daily job alerts”

  1. This is what we call taking social media to another level,l like this it is fantastic thumbs up… is just a matter of having qualification…!!!!

  2. Your system is very important and helpful keep it up.
    And am here to tell you that iam a driver but not much educated just grade seven (7), so how can you help me?

    • Thank you for your kind words. You can use our system to view jobs, get free careers advice and obtain educational resources. Please note that we do not act as a recruitment agency or employer so are unable to give jobs to individuals. To be considered for roles advertised on our system please follow the instructions provided by each employer in their adverts.

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