How to survive exams

Wondering how you will survive your exams? Check out these simple suggestions aimed at taking the stress out of the exam period.

1. Prepare 

Preparing for your exams in advance can greatly reduce the stress associated with exams. Your pre-exam preparation should include:

  • Finding out exactly what you need to know for each exam
  • Creating a revision timetable
  • Taking practice exam papers
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle (food, drink, exercise etc.)

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2. Seek Assistance

If you have any problems do not be afraid to seek assistance from others. Talking to your classmates, family, friends or tutor can help you to quickly find solutions and reduce levels of stress. Seek assistance to your problems and you will quickly find solutions.

3. Remove Added Pressure 

The exam period can be sufficiently stressful without adding additional pressure on yourself. Try to remove added pressure and instead focus on your preparation. If you prepare well and try your best you can be proud of your efforts regardless of the results. Remember that whilst exams seem the most crucial thing in life right now they represent only a small part of who you are and what you can achieve in life. Trying your best is what really counts.

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