Mechanical Fitters

Haclisa Engineering & Supply Limited

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Fitters construct and assemble mechanical systems. These systems could be factory machines or the piping that carries the chemicals involved in the manufacturing process. Some fitters choose to specialize in mechanical fitting, pipefitting, or steamfitting, others work in the heating and cooling industry maintaining and repairing systems in commercial or factory settings. The manufacturing industry is the largest employer of fitters. Fitters thrive on physical, hands-on work in a work environment that doesn’t revolve around a desk. Some factories maintain evening and weekend hours, and heating and cooling companies often maintain a 24/7 schedule, meaning fitters may work nontraditional shifts.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Construct Structural Components Based on Blueprints
  • Inspect Structural Systems based on Local and State Building Codes
  • Fit Structural Components Together to Create Finished Systems
  • Troubleshoot and Repair Malfunctioning Systems
  • Perform Regular System Maintenance
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