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  • November 30, 2020




Zambia National Educational Coalition (ZANEC) is an umbrella body for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) that include Non-Government Organization (NGOs), Faith Based Organizations (FBOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Teacher Trade Unions (TTUs). ZANEC envisages a quality national education system that is accessible, relevant and equitable for human development in Zambia. As a result, the mission of ZANEC is to campaign and advocate for the attainment of Education and Skills Sector goals through promoting interaction with the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ), Cooperating Partners (CPs), communities and other stakeholders.

As a way of ensuring that duty-bearers reinforce their commitments towards the implementation of the education priorities, ZANEC has continued to spearhead the involvement and active participation of various stakeholders in policy engagement in the education sector. Among others, the Coalition has been actively involved in ensuring the domestication of the SDGs and Education 2030 agenda in national policies, legal frameworks as well as in the national plans for the Ministry of General Education and Higher Education.  To this effect, ZANEC would like to actively participate in the monitoring of the National Education Plans.


ZANEC has been actively involved in ensuring the domestication of the SDG agenda in national policies and legal frameworks in Zambia. The priorities contained in the 7NDP are operationalized through the Education and Skills Sector Plan (ESSP) against which the Annual Work Plans and Budgets for the MoGE and MoHE are developed. Thus, the progress that Zambia is making towards the attainment of the SDG and other international targets is largely dependent on the effective implementation of the ESSP. The current ESSP which was launched on 30th July, 2019 is to be implemented for a period of five years. This ESSP is also the basis of any financing coming to the sector. ZANEC would therefore like to take full advantage of the ongoing implementation of all the education programmes contained in the ESSP to monitor the progress that government is making. The monitoring will be done using the targets and indicators that have been developed for purposes of tracking progress on implementation.

The majority of the ZANEC Member Organisations who will be responsible for monitoring the implementation of the ESSP are not familiar with the specific priorities contained in the ESSP. As a result, the organisations will require appropriate training that will help them thoroughly appreciate the programmes contained in the ESSP as well as on the use of the indicators in tracking progress on the implementation of ESSP.


Based on the aforementioned, ZANEC will hire the services of a consultant to conduct training and lead the monitoring of the ESSP.

The rationale of the training is twofold. First, the training will help build the capacity of ZANEC member organisations in tracking the progress that government is making towards the implementation of its own priority education programmes. Second, the training will help in equipping ZANEC members with relevant skills that will help enhance social accountability through the collection of key evidence that will be used to advocate for accelerated progress towards meeting the ESSP and SDG Goals and the Education 2030 Agenda.

On the other hand, the rationale of the monitoring is for ZANEC to generate credible evidence to effectively engage duty bearers on the implementation of the ESSP which will ultimately help accelerate the achievement of the set goals.


  1. To develop ESSP monitoring and reporting tools based on the indicators.
  2. To train ZANEC members on monitoring of the education priorities contained in the ESSP and acquaint them with indicators.
  3. To guide ZANEC members on the use of the ESSP monitoring and reporting tools for social accountability.


The Consultant will be expected to train members in monitoring of the implementation of the ESSP and further guide the monitoring exercise. This will involve undertaking the following specific tasks.

  • Developing ESSP monitoring and reporting tools based on the existing indicators;
  • Delivering training to ZANEC members that would familiarize them with priorities in the ESSP and the associated indicators. This will include a session on indicators that can be monitored by ZANEC as a Coalition and those that can be monitored by individual members;
  • Orienting ZANEC member organisations on the use of ESSP monitoring and reporting tools.
  • In liaison with the Secretariat, finalize the training program and source relevant documentation that will aid the training
  • Supervise/coordinate the monitoring process and receive the reports from team leaders
  • Analyze and consolidate the reports into one national picture with key recommendations.


The assignment is expected to be completed within fifteen (15) working days during which both the training and the delivery of the tools as well as the monitoring report will be delivered within specific timeframes to be agreed upon during an inception meeting.


The expected deliverables will include the following;

  • An acceptable training programme on monitoring of ESSP using indicators
  • ESSP monitoring and reporting tools
  • 3 days training of Member Organisations on monitoring indicators and tools
  • Training report
  • Consolidated ESSP monitoring report


  • Must at least possess a Masters degree in education or equivalent;
  • Ability to demonstrate hands-on knowledge on ESSP and the international commitments made by government with regard to education will be an added advantage
  • Wide experience in the development of monitoring and reporting tools as well as in facilitating trainings involving stakeholders from CSOs.
  • Strong analytical and communication skills, both oral and written English
  • Ability to devote full time to the assignment and meet deadlines.

All expressions of interest must be submitted through email to the address below by Monday, 30th November, 2020.

The Executive Director,

Zambia National Education Coalition,

Baptist Fellowship Building,

Plot 3061/2 Corner Makishi and Great East Road,

P.O. Box 30774,


Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

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