Student Loans 2019/2020


Higher Education Loans and Scholarships Board

Applications are invited from suitably qualified Zambians that meet the minimum requirements outlined here below to apply for undergraduate GRZ Student Loans for the 2019/2020 Academic Year at Mulungushi University.


Applicants should be:

(i) Zambians with Green National Registration Cards (NRC)

(ii) School leavers admitted to Mulungushi University

(iii) School leavers who completed Grade 12 in 2015, 2016 and 2017

(iv) 24 years old or below by August, 2019

Applications should be addressed to:

The Director

Higher Education Loans & Scholarships Board

P.O. Box 50464



Applicants should submit the following:

1. To the Higher Education Loans and Scholarships Board:

a) An application letter responding to the advertisement;

b) A photocopy of University Admission Letter;

c) A photocopy of Grade 12 Statement of Results or Certificate;

d) A photocopy of the NRC and Parent’s/Guardian’s NRC;

e) Two (2) recent passport size photos of the candidate;

f) An application form obtained from the Higher Education Loans and Scholarships Board, Lusaka or Kitwe offices. Rural students need not include this form but will be expected to complete one at the time of registration;

g) Social Welfare interview slip

h) Any other documents in support of theirvulnerability.

2. To the Social Welfare Office

a) A copy of an application letter or Student Loan Application Form;

b) A photocopy of University Provisional Admission Letter;

c) A photocopy of Grade 12 Statement of Results;

d) A photocopy of the candidate’s NRC and Parent’s/Guardian’s NRC;

e) Any other documents in support of their vuInerability;

Do not leave the original documents with the Social Welfare Office. Please note that the Social Welfare Office does not make applications for sponsorship on behalf of students.

The Loans are limited and scaled down according to the level of support required.

Applicants should, therefore, indicate in their application the level of the loan required. However, the Higher Education Loans and Scholarships Board reserves the right to determine the actual level of the loan. Loans are awarded according to the Board’s financial capacity and, therefore, admission into the University does not necessarily guarantee the applicant a GRZ student loan.

The student loan is not transferable from one Universityto another. Students wishing to apply for the loan should, therefore, be clear in their applications.

Applications by hand should be submitted to Room 23, Maxwell House Annex Building, Los Angeles Boulevard, Longacres, Lusaka or the Higher Education Loans and Scholarships Board offices situated at the Copperbelt University,Riverside Campus, Kitwe.

Rural and female students and students with disability are especially encouraged to apply.

Closing date: Friday28th June, 2019

For any clarification, contact us on telephone:

+260 – 211-250726,

Mobile Number – +260957090792

WhatsApp Number – +260968058811

Facebook: Higher Education Loans and Scholarships Board Zambia

Instagram: helsb_zambia

Twitter: HELSB-Zambia

Ireen N. Chirwa (Mrs)



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  1. Please am also asking when the advert for the students loan going to be out I want to apply under chalimbana university and I already have the acceptance letter

  2. Please when are the 2020/2021 higher education loans going to be advertised, I want to apply under Chalimbana university , that’s September 2020 intake.

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  4. When will mulungushi university start giving out bursaries for 2020 intake??????
    And when writing an application letter to the social welfare what address should be indicated??

  5. I completed my secondary education in 2018 and I applied to mulungushi university for the 2020 August intake and have been accepted
    Now,the advertisement above refer to the students who completed in 2015,2016 and 2017
    My question is; am I supposed to to apply for this same one or there’s another advertisement which will come out for us 2018’s school leavers??

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  8. what of those who want to advance t there careers ,,what type of financial support do you offer them because looking at the eligibility its like they are sidelined..I have posed this because not everyone can manage to sponsor/support themselves at the campus…
    Are loans only for those you have specified in the eligibility…

    • When will the students loans be advertised at Kwame Nkrumah University am really in need please.

  9. I completed 2018 and have my acceptance letter from mulungushi university today.
    Please help me I want to apply for a student loan.

  10. This is a good initiative by the government but how I wish they also consider other students who completed before 2015. They have been also waiting for such an opportunity

  11. Thanks to the government of Zambia, we will use this opportunity wisely for our future wellbeing as a Country

  12. This is awesome and great job the Ministry of higher education and loans have done.. We thank you

    • I would like to say Thank you to the government in trying to improve the lives of people who are vulnerable. We will definitely use this opportunity wisely

  13. Are they giving only the 2019/2020 intake or its a continuous process embarked by the government

  14. How about those already in universities but owe the institutions a huge amount u dont considered giving loans

  15. Thank you for this opportunity,what if the person is not first admitted to the university can that person apply for a loan the later apply to Mulungushi University?

  16. in a situation one completed in 2012 and is a fully very vulnerable for sure cant access these loans.

  17. I would like to know so these loans are only for school leavers not even those who are still student at that same institution

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    How best can you advise me?

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  21. I have a diploma in home economcs and I want to do a degree in the same course but am not I service. Can I still apply for a loan

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