Want to study in the UK?

Interested in studying in the UK?

Are you interested in applying to study in the UK? There are many reasons why Zambians may want to consider studying in the UK. Some of these reasons include:

Excellent academic reputation. The UK education system is one of the most respected education systems in the world with UK academic qualifications recognised worldwide.

Global outlook. The UK is home to a vast international student population giving students the opportunity to develop and exchange ideas with people from around the world.

Increased employment prospects. Employers value those who have international exposure and experience so a UK qualification could give your career prospects a real boost.

3 steps to studying in the UK

Applying to study in the UK is relatively straightforward. Entry requirements vary, but with the UK’s wide range of study options, you should be able to find a course to suit your needs and experience. Each year thousands of students successfully apply to study in the UK.

Step 1 – Find a course

Each course and university in the UK will have different entry requirements so be sure to check the entry requirements for your chosen course.  If you are unsure if your qualifications will be accepted contact the university international department to see if they will accept your qualifications.

Step 2 – Submit a course application

If you are interested in undergraduate study you will need to submit an undergraduate application via UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). This is the official UK government approved application service. You can visit the UCAS website for step-by-step advice and a list of the key application dates.  Postgraduate students can apply directly to their chosen university or through UKPASS.

Step 3 – Apply for a UK student visa 

Although you can only apply for a visa once you are accepted by a UK university, it is best to make sure you are aware of the requirements in advance. You can check that you are eligible for a UK student visa by visiting the UK Border Agency. Alternatively, you should contact the university international department or an approved agent. Most universities have dedicated international departments so this is a great place to find information. Alternatively, visit the UCAS website or visit Education UK.

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